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Is this really a joke about initials F.U. ? Japanese names have 'initials'?

Based on the Kaguya-sama case, I guess the answer is negative, but eh who knows? In Chapter 1 of the manga The Quintessential Quintuplets, there's a part omitted from the anime where 2 of the quints, ...
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Is this supposed to be wordplay/foreshadowing in Kaguya-sama s3? (spoilers)

Spoilers for Kaguya-sama s3 We see that there's this mysterious character that people call 怪盗 (kaitou), which I'm learning is actually a thing in fiction and specifically in Japanese fiction because ...
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Is "doggu cheese" really Japanese, or slang in Japanese?

In this part of this funny video: The girl says "mother talk dog cheese" in English, trying to translate "My mother told me that it was cheese for ...
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Can "何?何やってるの?" also mean "What does he do?" (ねんねん): じゃ勝俣くんもだめだな 勝俣くんもアウト 何?何やってるの? 哀:自営業 Then Katsumata is no good either, he's no good, what, what do you do? Sho: I'm self-employed. or ...