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Questions tagged [colloquial-language]

口語表現(話し言葉). Words, forms and expressions used only in non-formal spoken language.

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what's the meaning of だもん

Yamato and Takeo are discussing why their friend Suna is acting strange lately and Yamato suggests that Suna may be lonely. I heard this expression a lot lately and was wondering what it could mean.
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Understanding a usage of ってこと

From the first episode of Death Note: フッ… 楽に死なせたり苦しませて死なせたり できるってことか I know the quoted part (up to and including って) means something like: "one can let them die easily or let them suffer and ...
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What did my friend mean? (Fukuoka Dialect)

I was talking to my friend at school today and I said her chicken she bought looked good. She replied with 「美味しいよとたい!」or 「美味しいよとだい!」possibly 「美味しいよ取ったい」or something along those lines. We live in ...
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How to answer to 精一杯頑張ってきます?

I was talking with my japanese penpal and he wrote to me 精一杯頑張ってきますよ! after I wrote him おはようございます!お仕事頑張ってきてね! because he told me he was going to work. I don't know if there's an answer or not. In ...
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