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使役. Japanese has a causative morpheme -(s)ase-, which turns verbs into causative verbs. Japanese also has a number of lexical causative verbs, as well.

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causasive に and を

I read a Japanese story and there is a sentence makes me confused. 去年の秋弟が重い病気になって、働けなくなってしまった。 弟はいつも「兄さん一人に働かせてすみません」と言っていました。 In my understanding, the 使役 grammar goes like S は [人] を [自動詞の使役の形] So,...
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What's going on with the particles in this causative sentence?

余計にテンションが上がる健一に俺は思うわず顔を引き攣らせる。 Why is the one making someone else to do the action (健一) marked with に, marker for the doer of the verb?. If 引き攣る is transitive then maybe it's correct but it's ...
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What is the exact differnce in nuance between させてもらう and させていただきます and させていただきたい

My understand of させてもらう is akin to "I'll take the liberty of doing x". It's not an actual request or asking for permission. However this doesn't seem to be true for させていただきます? Which seems ...
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