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Questions tagged [auxiliary-ぬ]

完了・強意・並列の補助動詞. Auxiliary for showing completion, strong will and for enumeration. [ね|に|ぬ|ぬる|ぬれ|ね]. This auxiliary should not be mixed up with the 連体形 of ず.

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What is the etymology of ない (the 助動詞 or auxiliary verb), and how does it derive from the negative 助動詞 ぬ?

I've been searching for the etymology of ない for a while now, and can't seem to find a clear answer. To be clear, this is the 助動詞 (auxiliary verb) ない, not the adjective 無い (Classical Japanese 無し). ない ...
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Meaning of ぬ added to 連用形 / masu-stem, as in 風立ちぬ

What does the ぬ at the end of 立ち specify? I can't find a verb that is just 立ちぬ, is this some kind of special form? Can this be done with other verbs as well? 風立ちぬ, for reference, is Miyazaki's new ...
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