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過去の補助動詞. Auxiliary indicating past directly as it was perceived by the speaker whereas けり expresses past hearsay. [せ|◯|き|し|しか|◯]

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What does し of されし means?

I was playing hollow knight and a character said "愛されし王のために", i searched and found out that し is a conjugation of an aulixiary that means past and it was used in classical japanese, but i ...
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What does it mean when 連体形 is directly followed by は? [duplicate]

Here are two lines of the lyrics in a specific song: [出]{で}[逢]{あ}いしは [運命]{さだめ}か and [纏]{まと}いしは [緋]{ひ}[色]{いろ}の[棘]{とげ}の[鎧]{よろい} I'm 99% sure that the し here is the 連体形 of き; it follows the 連用形 of [出]...
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Meaning of ~られし form [duplicate]

悪魔の力を授かった故に、 定められし死をも超える存在と なるのか… Why there's し in 定められし? Is it some kind of old-fashioned form?
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邂逅せし瘴炎 what does the せし part mean?

I found that title in the Monster Hunter game and it was translated as "A Meeting with Blazing Miasma", but what does せし mean there? It kind of sounds that it might be a case of classical Japanese ...
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What is the meaning of "迷い" in the phrase 夜の街迷いし穢れの乱歩

This phrase is from a song the translation of   "夜の街迷いし穢れの乱歩" would be: Lost in a city at night, I take a random impure walk. The question is: "迷い" in the dictionary means hesitation, perplexity, ...
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Is 選ばれし者 a grammatically correct translation of "The Chosen One"?

I have frequently seen 選ばれし者 used as a translation for the English phrase "The Chosen One". I know that し is the 連体形 of the auxiliary verb き which, quoting from デジタル大辞泉, is used when expressing things ...
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What does the kana 「し」 do in this phrase?

It comes from the video game title. 過{す}ぎ去{さ}りし時{とき}を求{もと}めて I looked up in online dictionary thinking that it should be a conjugated form of the verb 去る but it is not.
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What does [Verb Pre-Masu Form] + [shi] do in this context? [duplicate]

I am reading Cardcaptor Sakura in order to practice my comprehension. I see a lot of pre-masu form verbs followed by し, and I am not sure if they are the "giving reasons" し, the "connecting ideas" し, ...
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Meaning of "生まれし" [duplicate]

I wanted to ask this question because it is the first time I have honestly been unable to find any information on a given form. I know it involves the verb "to be born," but I've never seen a stem+し ...
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Grammar of (verb)し(noun) such as in 選ばれし者

Is there a grammatical explanation for this pattern, which I have seen a couple times in writing? I'm guessing it comes from classical grammar.
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