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対義語. Words that are, in some sense, the opposite of other words.

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Kaguya-sama: 女の子 (onnanoko) as an opposite for 男子 (danshi)?

Related: Kaguya-sama: Dropping keigo when narrating? In Kaguya-sama Chapter 52 / S02E02, there's a character named Moeha Fujiwara (the imouto of a main character Chika Fujiwara) who talks about Kei ...
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Is "先" an auto-antonym?

An auto-antonym is a word with multiple meanings (senses) of which one is the reverse of another. So apparently the kanji meaning of this word is "previous" or "past". This seems ...
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Polar connotations in the same word: 断り and 惜しい

Recently I bumped into two words「断り」and「惜しい」. Accordingly to Jisho:「断り」can mean permission; consent​ but it also can mean rejection; refusal; nonacceptance; declination; declining​... As for「惜しい」 ...
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What is the difference between 惹かれる and 引かれる?

I was texting a Japanese person, and I saw 引かれる【ひかれる】for the first time, so I searched for its meaning. I saw contradictory explanations and translations, some sources say it is the same as 惹かれる{ひかれる},...
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What's a good grammatical antonym for the auxiliary verb 始める?

What's a good grammatical opposite for the auxiliary usage of the verb 始める, meaning that you're describing the beginning of a verb?
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What is the antonym for 失意?

The dictionary says that the antonym for 失意 is 得意. But at the same time, the antonym for 得意 is 不得意. Any idea?
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What is a good antonym for 多難 (many difficulties)?

I'm looking for a proper antonym for the word 多難 in a context where it's meaning is 'many difficulties'. Would for example the adverb 難なく be appropriate? It translates to 'easily' according to my ...
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