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アニメ. Language used in Japanese animation.

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How does the pattern of ommiting の of のは work?

目指すは港の赤い塔 Sentence from the song "1/6 -out of the gravity". 残るは八人これでゲームは三分の一が終了した事になる Sentence from episode 8 of "Mirai Nikki". Is that something grammatically wrong that people ...
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what's the meaning of だもん

Yamato and Takeo are discussing why their friend Suna is acting strange lately and Yamato suggests that Suna may be lonely. I heard this expression a lot lately and was wondering what it could mean.
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Is おたくじじい a proper term to describe an old man who's into anime or is there another slang term for it?

So as the question states, is おたくじじい a proper term to describe an old geezer otaku or is there a better alternative?
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Would a japanese say "このジョルノジョバーナには夢がある"?

This sentence has become famous lately as the catchphrase of Giorno Giovanna in the JoJo: Golden Wind anime series. Literally, it's translated as "in this Giorno Giovanna there is a dream", but ...
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