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Is ばかり a noun or a な-adjective in ばかりなので?

According to this answer and taking into account the following rules (source) to use ので: [い-adjective]+ので [verb]+ので [な-adjective]+なので [noun]+なので I wonder whether ばかり is a な-adjective or not in ...
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Is there a rule to determine whether or not 「に」 should be attached after 「まま 」?

In the example sentences of my textbook for the grammar 〜まま, it is used either with 「に」 (①) or without 「に」 (②,③): In the case of ②, I understand that 「に」 is not necessary as まま is not acting as an ...
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How does 的に work in this clause: 「よくなるしかない的にいいこと 」

I normally see 的に at the end of words and I understand them but I can't seem to understand this one よくなるしかない的にいいこと
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