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What's the difference between an adjective's adverbial form and continuative form? <-also covers adjectives Following Tae Kim's guide, those two forms of 青黒い are ...
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Can particle に be always interpreted as adverbial modifier marker?

In English there are 12 cases of adverbial modifier. Can all these 12 adverbial cases in English be expressed by Japanese particle に? Are there other grammatical functions expressed by particle に?
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Is the に in 以上に mandatory in the following context?

I came across the following sentence in a text about 俳句 (emphasis, translation and words in square brackets mine): 携帯電話で俳句を送り合って遊ぶ若者もいますし、外国人が日本人以上にすばらしい俳句を表現することもあります。 There are youngsters who play ...
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Do the adverbial forms of verbs and nouns exist?

I know there are adverbial forms of: adjectives (Adj), 形容詞{けいようし} (連用形{れんようけい} - 早い→早く); adjectival nouns (AdjN), 形容動詞{けいようどうし} (連用形{れんようけい} - 上手だ→上手に). Are there adverbial forms of nouns (名詞{...
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にて / で adverbializer?

にて is older form of で, and now has literary or archaic nuance. にて itself was created by adding suffix て to に, which is form of copular verb n-. Traditional interpretation (e.g. here) is that 2 main ...
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