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かる・しかる-連体形 cant follow nouns?

i was reading something about adjectives on and as i was reading, i came across this sentence, the なる-連体形 may follow nominals whereas the かる・しかる-連体形 cannot. is there something ...
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Understanding ある as a 連体形

The sentence 人間の背丈ほどもある雑草の中を探検すると蛇に出くわした。 translates to I ran into a snake when I was exploring through weeds as tall as a person. Question: What is ある connected to? Is it a 連体形 modifying 雑草, as ...
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大きな深刻な問題 two na-connected attributives

The accepted answer under this question suggests 色々な便利な道具 is natural but it is most likely due to 色々 being an exception. I have just heard 大きな深刻な問題 on a Japanese TV program. And Google seems to show ...
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What does it mean when 連体形 is directly followed by は? [duplicate]

Here are two lines of the lyrics in a specific song: [出]{で}[逢]{あ}いしは [運命]{さだめ}か and [纏]{まと}いしは [緋]{ひ}[色]{いろ}の[棘]{とげ}の[鎧]{よろい} I'm 99% sure that the し here is the 連体形 of き; it follows the 連用形 of [出]...
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The meaning of ~がいい

I've read a lot of mangas and I've noticed the use of がいい after a verb e.g. 見る{みる}がいい。 諦めた{あきらめた}ほうがいい。 Does it work as an adverb?
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に越したことはない Wondering about the に

I am having troubles figuring out what the use of the 「に」 in 「に越したことはない」 is. I searched for almost an hour on internet, but didn't find anything that could possibly answer my question. Because we put ...
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