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Weird Inflection -されていかん

I am reading Alita Battle Angel, and I came across a sentence that I do understand, but for some reason is conjugated to the negative. Please could someone break the sentence down for me? (...
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How to handle が and によって in this sort of sentence?

I'll be taking a written test in a few weeks to become a part-time translator for an automotive client; they sent me some practice documents in the meantime. I am having issues at the moment, since ...
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によって and passive question

実力差は明確だった。 ライダーの速度は攻めれば攻めるほど減速していく。 目にも止まらぬ高速移動と連続攻撃。 セイバーによって傷つけられた体を癒す自然治癒。 後の事など考えない。 全ての燃料を燃やして畳み掛けなければセイバーを抑えきれない。 The fantranslation says: Natural healing that regenerates the ...
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Does indirect passive allow for the を in "四方を海に囲まれる"

My textbook has this example: 四方を海に囲まれる。 Is it the indirect passive that allows for the を direct object marker to be used in that passive voice example? This sentence matches my understanding of ...
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The personal agent and indirect object in a passive sentence

I came across this sentence: 私はどんな動物に例えられるの? And i was wondering how do you express the personal agent (the one who is doing the comparing) in this sentence? Are they also marked by に? Or does the ...
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What forms of verbs (potential or passive) are more frequent in Japanese?

A simple question to those speaking and the native ones. What of the two forms (potential verbs or passive voice verbs) in Japanese verbs is more frequent? This question may seem strange, but I need ...
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