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what is the exact meaning of "部長が自分のミス俺のせいにしゃがってさ" in below sentence

I don't understand exactly the meaning of "部長が自分のミス俺のせいにしゃがってさ" the whole sentence is: 今日もさ 部長が自分のミス俺のせいにしゃがってさ冗談じゃ ないよ お前 部下をかばってこそ 上司だろ おい! the meaning in the text is: today, the head of ...
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彼は兄弟がいます actually 彼には兄弟がいます with に omitted

I read this Is it correct to say 私は二人のお兄さんがいる? Yoichi Oishi: With the expression – “私は二人のおにいさんがいる,” your friend is right. “私は兄がいる” sounds somewhat awkward, and “私には兄がいる” sounds perfect. and it ...
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Difference of では vs には in this sentence context

ここでは事故の危険があります。 I understand that the additional は to で and に is just to add a form of contrast. However, what I am confused about is that why is で used instead of に when the sentence contains "あります"....
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相手には when speaking of "two third persons"

I want to clarify my understanding of 相手には in the following sentence... 「人見知りをしない相手には強気なところがあるよな」 It refers to a person that usually acts rather shy around others but scolded one of her ...
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Would a japanese say "このジョルノジョバーナには夢がある"?

This sentence has become famous lately as the catchphrase of Giorno Giovanna in the JoJo: Golden Wind anime series. Literally, it's translated as "in this Giorno Giovanna there is a dream", but ...
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What does「のには」mean in this sentence?

[彼女]{かのじょ}が[最初]{さいしょ}に[来]{き}たのにはびっくりした。 What is the usage of のには? I think that「の」means「こと」, that is, a generic event. But I can't understand the usage of には in this case.
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Differentiate 'niwa" and "ni" when indicating a position

I am here again! I am just starting learning this amazing language and thanks for everyone's help. So I heard that to say "I speak fast in English" I say: Egoniwa hayakuhanashimasu. What does the ...
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What is the difference between のに and には?

I came accross : 行くのに1時間かかる。 行くには1時間かかる。 And someone told me I could say : 行くのには1時間かかる。 So I would like to know the difference between all these in details please, thanks
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