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What is the *proper* differentiation between 来る and 行く?

In many beginning Japanese classes, 来る【くる】 and 行く【いく】 are presented as "to come" and "to go," respectively. Dictionaries generally also define them this way. However, every once in a while in more ...
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What's the difference between 歩んでいった and 歩んできた?

私はまっすぐな人生を歩んできた。 私はまっすぐな人生を歩んでいった。 Could someone explain to me the difference between the two? Thanks a lot! Edit: I still find ていった confusing even after reading the other post. So ...
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Differences between た/てた

Context: From Yotsuba&, they went gathering chestnuts and one of them had a bug in it so they threw it away. But here the young girl is eating from the rest and her sister is saying that there ...
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Meaning of 寒くなる vs. 寒くなっています

Today it crossed my mind how could I translate this, and some confusion arose with the verbal forms to use. If I wanted to say "I got cold", I would say 寒くなった However, for "I'm ...
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In Japanese, what does the word "kimashita" mean and how does it work?

In my text book it says “kimashita” is the past form of “to come”. But then in the textbook it says: How long have you worked here? Koko de wa dorekurai hataraite kimashita ka? How does “kimashita” ...
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When to use 出て来る over 出る

Here is a sentence from the children's story ももたろう, describing when the child appears from within the giant peach. 桃の中から赤ちゃんが出てきました。 My dictionary lists 出て来る as meaning "to come out" with ...
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「Vていった」 v.s. 「Vてきた」 in the case of 「お花しおれてっちゃった」

In the animated film Spirited Away, there is a line (00:00:54) saying: 「お花しおれてっちゃった」, a contracted form of 「お花がしおれていってしまった」. According to this page by 東京外国語大学, the difference between 「Vていった」 and 「...
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Difference between "seems" from past evidence and "seems" from current experience

Part way through this question I got a bit side-tracked. I'll try and express my problem better here. I think that the conclusion to the previous question was that 飛行機が混みそうです means "It seems the ...
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What's the purpose of adding って here?

Wouldn't 連れてくれよ be exactly the same?
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Couple of translation questions

I'm on chapter eight of Genki 1 and I'm struggling with a couple of pieces of dialogue and their translations. Here's the first: たけしさん、あしたみんなでバーベキューをしませんか。 The given translation is "Takeshi, ...
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Different ways of saying "X continues / keep doing X"

I am trying to figure out the differences between all of these forms listed below. The examples are all part of these two pages: http://...
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Meaning of auxiliary ゆく/いく in this context

While translating a song, I've stumbled upon the following sentence: 落ちた希望を拾って明日に繋いでゆけば Which got me wondering what the difference between the following two is: 落ちた希望を拾って明日に繋いでゆけば 落ちた希望を拾って明日に繋げば ...
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What does 生きる mean in 才能が生きてくる? Is that expression an idiom? Can you provide some extra examples highlighting the same usage of 生きる?

I came across the following sentence in my textbook, 新完全マスターN2 文法, and I can't understand the part in bold font: チャンスがあってはじめて、才能が生きてくるのではないだろうか。 I looked up the expression 才能が生きる just in case it was ...
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Verbs +「~てくる」 , which verbs? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Difference between -て行く and -て来る my doubt is which verbs I can use with ~てくる (~ていく) ABOUT ME I don't want to say "I undestand", but I'd like to say "I'm understanding" (I'm ...
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What does 運を消費していく mean?

i'm asking myself what 運を消費していく means? Context: My penpal won concert tickets and i congragulated him with おめでとうございます! and he responded with ありがとうございます!!運を消費していく. Unfortunately i had not the time to ...
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