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Meaning of いって in しっかりしていって

I have trouble fully understanding what's the role of いって in this sentence: リノンのことだけはしっかりしていってくれればと思うけど。 To give it a bit background, this is what Konoha from 月が導く異世界道中 is thinking about Rinon, the ...
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What does 生きる mean in 才能が生きてくる? Is that expression an idiom? Can you provide some extra examples highlighting the same usage of 生きる?

I came across the following sentence in my textbook, 新完全マスターN2 文法, and I can't understand the part in bold font: チャンスがあってはじめて、才能が生きてくるのではないだろうか。 I looked up the expression 才能が生きる just in case it was ...
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What does the きた in this sentence mean?

今度は何を覚えてきた? Mother said to her daughter that just got back home I wanna interpret it as "what did you learn? (and got back here home)?" but i don't know if that's correct.
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てきた grammar form

Can you explain me the difference between these two sentences : 誰かが電話した。 誰かが電話して来た。
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What does てくる mean in this sentence

私のベッドに寝転がっていた仙台さんが当然のように言って、肩を叩いてくる I know the general grammar behind it meaning change of state and movement but its my first time seeing it with a verb like 叩く
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Usage of the てくる in 近づいてくる。

瞳に涙をためながら、おずおずと、彼が香織さんに近づいてくる。 I'm curious, what is the usage of てくる in this sentence? Why not いく? Given the character in question is clearly "heading" for the 香織さん and it's not 香織さん coming ...
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Is 受け繋が usage here correct?

アレキサンダー、ハンニバル、ローマの将軍達へと受け繋がれてきた英雄達の包囲殲滅戦法 This comment was on a video about the battle of mohacs wherein the ottomens used the pincer attack to win . i think the commenter wanted to say that they - ...
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what does きた mean in 履いてきた

like in 履いてきた靴 how would it change if i wrote 履いた靴?
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I notice after the Te form verb there is usually a います or きます. Is every masu verb be able to follow a Te form?

夕方になって少し雲が出てきました。 what is the grammar point of this?
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~てくる meaning for 意志動詞

Please what is the use of "~てくる" in that sentence? I have been struggling to understand it 一気にその日中にA社B社C社から借りていくそういう方法取ってくるのでお金はその場で回収しちゃう By the way it came out in this video at 29:54 ...
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What verb form is してきた?

What is してきた? 文化という言葉は、芸術や学問など人間が生み出した高い達成度を持つもの(ハイカルチャー)を指すとともに、人間の社会が長年にわたって形成してきた慣習や振舞いの体系を指す (source) I suppose it's a conjugated form of する, but I can't find it. I don't know if it has anything ...
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Usage of っ inbetween て and た forms?

I have seen quotes in manga and games in which a verb will be presented as (If I remember correctly) "しまっていった" as opposed to "しまっていた". Why is this? Is this an anomaly? Is one form ...
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Understanding かかわってくる

「進級するにあたっては、一般教養の単位も必要だが、各学科の個別課題の提出率も大きくかかわってくる」 I understand that the speaker is saying the 提出率 matters a great deal when it comes to 進級. But why is there a くる added to 関わる? Does the くる mean ...
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What does "ふってきて mean in the sentence "これが、突然空からふってきて..."? [duplicate]

I know the sentence means something like "This suddenly came out of the sky...". "これが" means "this is" (side question: why add "が" instead of just keeping it as ...
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駅まで遠いですから、歩いていくので - は疲れますよ or 疲れていますよ。

駅まで遠いですから、歩いていくのでは 疲れますよ 疲れていますよ。 I chose 2 above but it was wrong, 1 - は疲れますよ is the correct answer. My interpretation and reasoning: "The station is far from here so, I walked and therefore I ...
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