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Seemingly random use of Katakana? [duplicate]

I've noticed sometimes, especially in video games, that some parts of sentences that would normally be written in hiragana is instead written in katakana. For example, I've seen "です" written ...
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Words half-written in katakana [duplicate]

In the book I'm reading, the main character speaks using katanaka in suffixes, part of the words and some particles, like: 待ってくだサイ ぶつかりマス どうしてでカ? どうして、ロボットの修理しないんでしょうカ? I know katakana is also used ...
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Why are katakana preferred over hiragana or kanji sometimes?

I noticed that "dame", which means "not good" or "don't do that", is sometimes written in manga as katakana. I was wondering, is it because katakana is used to express a strong feeling? Sometimes, ...
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What are the stereotypical qualities of a gaijin trying to speak/write Japanese to a Japanese person?

There are plenty of stereotypical qualities of a Japanese speaking person trying to speak English, so, would I be correct in assuming the reverse is also the case, and if so, what would the most ...
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What does it mean for the 'feel' of a sentence / text when it's written in all hiragana?

When a Japanese-language sentence is written out in all katakana, it's supposed to be either stilted, robot-like speech or something to simulate ALL CAPS. How is that with hiragana? Does it make te ...
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Why is katakana sometimes used to replace hiragana? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why “dame” is written as katakana (ダメ) in manga? The question title kinda says it all! This confuses me, as I thought katakana was used exclusively for loan words. ...
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Meaning of ちはース

Context: a boy shouts 「ちはース」 after seeing that a fan club for a boxer has only female members. He is happy to discover this since he is the kind of guy that always tries to flirt with pretty girls. I ...
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Why is マシ written using katakana?

Does マシ come from English? Or is it a semantic emphasis?
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Meaning of katakana at the end of okurigana in this song lyrics

Listening to Japanese music I stumbled upon this song called 僕たちの失敗 by 森田童子. I liked it so I went to look up for the lyrics and its meaning, and there is a part of those in which something is used ...
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Use of です after plain form verb conjugation

はい、先生。家はあらかた壊されっちまってたですが、マグルたちが群れ寄ってくる前に、無事に連れ出しました。 No sir. The house was almost completely destroyed but I took him out safely before the muggles started to crowd around. I'm assuming that ...
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