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difference between -なくて and -ないで [duplicate]

When I encounter these two, I usually don't have a problem understanding their meaning in the given context. Still, I don't really know what makes them different from each other xD -なくて still is ...
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What is the difference between しないで and しなくて? [duplicate]

I am still not so clear with the difference between '.....しないで.....’ and '....しなくて....' . Could you please explain them for me, and give me some examples?
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~ないでいる verb ending

This is dialogue from a book I have, where a doctor is talking about a patient: 気分が極端に変りやすくなっていて、自分で自分をコントロールできない。神を呪うかと思うと、神に祈る。呪う自分と祈る自分と、絶えず入れ替っていて、どっちが本当の自分か判断できないでいる。 My question is about the ...
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What's the いて in 「忘れないでいて」 for?

I know that the verb changes from 忘れる(to forget) to 忘れないで (don´t forget) but I can´t understand the いて at the end. At first, I thought it comes from the casual imperative form of いる as this post ...
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"negative te form" vs "te form of the negative"

In "Japanese in MangaLand" Lesson 35, the "negative te form" and "the te form of the negative" were both introduced. And a table was showing the following: simple | neg. -te | -te f. of the neg. 教える ...
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Why don't we use ~なくて instead of ~ないで?

Background In my understanding that might be wrong, I think the ~ない form of a verb becomes an i-adjective. For example, 納{なっ}豆{とう}を食{た}べない人{ひと}が多{おお}いです。 where 納{なっ}豆{とう}を食{た}べない modifies 人{ひと}. ...
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〜ず versus 〜ないで (and maybe also in the case of adjectives, 〜なくて)

Consider the following example sentence (taken from an exercise sheet): 熱が下がらず苦しかった。 Now consider this sentence I made: 熱が下がらないで苦しかった。 What is the difference?
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て form to joining sentences but in negative sense

I'm learning about the uses of て-form, one of them is to joining sentences like 家に帰ってTVを見る I come home and I watch TV but if I want to apply a negative sense to the て-form, do I have to use the ないで ...
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What is the function of で in 「家に帰らないで映画を観に行った」?

In the sentence 昨日は授業の後、家に帰らないで映画を観に行った。 Is で the て-form of だ? Or is it the で particle? In either case, wouldn't the clause before it (家に帰らない) need to be nominalized (の) in order for で to attach to ...
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Which option is best for saying "I remembered to put a pen in my bag"

I can think of three ways to say "I remembered to put a pen in my bag" 忘れないでカバンにペンを入れました。 カバンにペンを入れることを忘れなかった。 カバンにペンを入れて忘れなかった。 I think all are technically correct but I'm not sure which is more ...
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Trouble ないで vs なくて

In this answer it is said that the usage of なくて is narrower than ないで(ないで can always replace なくて according to the logic explained and is ambiguous because of that) But in this question, the answer says ...
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What does やってくる mean in this sentence?

宿題をやってこなかったですか? It's something like "Have you ended up not doing the homework?", I think, but what's the difference with just やらなかった? What kind of てくる is this? Is it the same of 寒くなってくる?
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why the usage of ないでも in this sentence?

タダならべつに勝たないでもよかろう How would the nuances change if i said タダならべつに勝たなくてもよかろう?
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Is 「何もしないで暖かくする」 ambiguous?

I was reading this answer and I came across this: (A) 何もしないで暖かくする (ambiguous) (B) 何もしなくて暖かくする (unambiguous) I'm not sure why A is ambiguous, but here's my understanding: unlike なくて, ないで doesn't ...
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Choosing between でも/ても with たい

How would you translate this sentence in Japanese? I don't want to work but then I can't live. I have two options: 働きたくないでも生きれない or 働きたくなくても生きれない I have some doubts as I read that たい tends to ...
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