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Readings for kanji used in names [duplicate]

I know there are different ways to read kanji and unless you know the word you cannot be 100% sure if you need to use kun-kun, on-on, on-kun or kun-on reading (or some specific reading, like with 今日【...
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How are these names read?

In a recent Asahi article about changes to laws governing Japanese names, this sentence appeared: 戦争【せんそう】に突入【とつにゅう】すると、「勝【?】」「進【?】」 When the war broke out, "?" and "?" were used. ...
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Why is the name of the whisky "TOKI" written as 季?

Suntory has a whisky named TOKI in their portfolio. It took me a bit to find that the kanji used for this is actually 季 and has the On-Yomi き, but can be pronounced in names as すえ or とし. Another fact ...
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Why is 江風 being translated to Kawakaze even though there's no Kawa in the kanji?

I am studying Japanese and I am also a bit of an Azur Lane fan (a gacha game). One of my favorite characters is called Kawakaze, based on the real-life IJN Kawakaze (a Shiratsuyu-class destroyer). The ...
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Question about Kana writing

Is the name Shinya written as しにゃ or しんや?
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How to read the names 勲 and 房子 [closed]

Do any of you know which names these 2 kanji are in rōmaji?
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Does 'yuki' really mean happiness?

Besides the obvious 'snow', someone listed the name Yuki on a name website as also meaning happiness, blessing, or good fortune using the characters 幸き. Dictionaries list that 幸 can become こ / さき / さし ...
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一代 pronounced as かずよ?

I saw the following example sentence on WaniKani: あそこに立っている外人の男の人のとなりにいる女の人があのゆう名なまつい一代さんです。 The lady next to the foreign guy standing over there is THE famous Kazuyo Matsui. The part I'm confused ...
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Are there many ways to read kanji for names? [duplicate]

I've seen many different dictionaries and such, and many have a name section where you may put in any kanji. Because I have a Taiwanese origin, I have Chinese characters that can be used as kanji: 王元劭....
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Is it correct to read 黒川 as くろかわ or is くろがわ correct?

I always run into this problem. Sometimes か and が are very similar to me so I have to type them in the computer to find the correct pronunciation of word. When I type くろがわ or くろかわ they both give me ...
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Both on'yomi and kun'yomi in a first name?

I know that some Japanese words made of two kanjis can contain both on'yomi and kun'yomi, however, is that was also true for someone's first name? For example, I have seen the name 雪花 or 雪華 read as 「...
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How do I read 田中孝司 as a name? [duplicate]

田中孝司 is pronounced as たなかたかし and たなかこうじ. I'm afraid that there could be other pronunciations of the same kanji characters. How should I understand it?
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相 used in names

When I'm introduced to a new place I often like to figure out the literal meaning of the characters as I find it can be a useful general vocabulary building exercise, particularly for things such as ...
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Nanori reading needed for JLPT?

I understand that the On- and Kun- readings are important to know and understand. However, what about the Nanori readings? Are they worth studying if I am aiming to just take the JLPT tests?
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When should I replace kanji with hiragana?

When should I write 海山 and when should I write うみやま?
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