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What is the verb ending of われん mean?

I am reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga and came across the following in the first volume: 祈り信じよ されば救われん The subtitles of the anime translate this to be: "Pray and you shall be saved." ...
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Why is there a が in 深淵に臨むが如し?

In the sentence 深淵に臨むが如し why is there a particle が after the verb 臨む? Shouldn't it be 深淵に臨むよう?
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Grammar of -がために

I've seen a few sentences with this, "(~る)がために" construction, however whenever I look it up I just get grammar points about "(ないーform)んがために". Is "(~る)がために" just a more ...
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Meaning of せん in そのすべてに感謝せん

大地の精霊よ イシの村にもたらす恵み そのすべてに感謝せん I am wondering if this is perhaps a shortened version of an expression like 感謝の言葉もありません or something like that? I've tried looking in jisho for せん but it is still ...
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Auxiliary verb ん

I came across this sentence in a grammar book (Japanese Postpositions: Theory and Practice by Noriko Katsuki-Pestemer): 生きんが為に働く。 In order to live, I work. It is then briefly explained that "ん ...
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Difference among んがため and べく?

could somebody help me understanding the difference between んがため and べく? They both mean "In order to", but I don't think they are interchangeable. Could somebody provide me some examples to understand ...
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未然形+んが grammar?

などと、目をキラッキラと輝かせながら、皆を呑み込まんが如く両手を大きく広げる。 I know the general meaning of the sentence but what is the grammar phenomenon of 未然形+んが? Is it a fixed structure?
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What's the meaning of "降らば" in this sentence "降らば降れと天をにらみつけ"?

When listening to amazarashi's song "つじつま合わせに生まれた僕等" on Youtube, the first "誦読" part has such a sentence "降らば降れと天をにらみつけ." Intuitively, It sounds like a causative-...
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What function does と serve in this phrase?

我輩はノイクレザント卿騎士である。 この惑星を滅ぼさんと企む悪の魔法使いの手より姫を守りし 世界を滅亡から救うためはせ参じた公貴の力を貸して欲しい The bold part is the one I don't really understand, the rest is included for context. What function is "と" serving here?
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The uses of verb + ん apart from simple negation

醜い浮世を 意地で生きるぞ 汗水たらし 身を削り ありつかん 尊くも儚き飯 Full lyrics here. This ugly world you need willpower to survive in; drenched in sweat and with lots of effort, that precious and fleeting meal is in sight ...
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