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What exactly is the function of と in this sentence? [duplicate]

彼の車は私と同じです。 Does it have something to do with comparing nouns? If so, why would と follow 私?
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と usage in 俺と同じ [duplicate]

What is the meaning of と in the following phrase? 俺と同じことをするんだ - Do the same thing I do.
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When is Vている the continuation of action and when is it the continuation of state?

Last night, when I asked my wife to send an email to me, she said もう送っている which I took to mean that she was "sending the message". (The message had a big attachment so I imagined that it could take a ...
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とは particle in a sentence

The sentence: これまでの私とは違うんです translates to I am not the same as before according to the anki deck I am currently using. I can't see why it means this (maybe because I don't understand what the とは ...
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Nuances and correct usage of verbs modifying nouns

I found this very interesting older post and there are couple of things I am uncertain about. Could I also technically write "ロックしたSIM/ロックしているSIM" to mean "ロックされたSIM/ ロックされているSIM", ...
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Use of ちょうズレる in a sentence

Context: Dirrect continuation of text in previous question. 誰かを守りたいとかそういった『意志』や 『自己犠牲』的な感情ともちょうズレる Since the speaker is Kansai, at first I thought these were two separate sentences and that や ...
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Is の absolutely necessary in the following sentence?

友達が教えてくれたのと同じようにカレーライスを作ったら、とても美味しく出来た。 The sentence appears in my Japanese textbook. To me, it sounds natural to join くれた with と同じ directly, but I don't know if it's also correct: 友達が教えてくれたと同じように… ...
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What does "本人と似て" mean?

In this sentence I don't understand the beginning "どうせ 本人と似て軽薄でキラキラしただけの---" For me it's : Anyway, they look alike, brilliant and frivolous But I'm not sure. Could someone please help me ? And if ...
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How does the syntax of 作って並べられている work here?

The following is an excerpt from a conversation with my language partner. For some context, I told her about our familydinner at a restaurant during christmas eve. I wanted to tell her that you could ...
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Understanding 「自信があれば半ば成功したも同然だ。」

In 自信があれば半ば成功したも同然だ。 Confidence is half the battle. (Idiomatic translation) I'm having trouble getting to the idiomatic translation. It seems like a good literal translation of the clause before も ...
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