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I am trying to understand what chara ito means [duplicate]

I am currently translating a Japanese text in English and I have trouble understanding this text. 貴族的というのか、イケメンだけどチャラいとは程遠い I get and can make out some part of the sentence like 'he looks like an ...
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What does これでチャラにしとくよ means? [duplicate]

I'am currently reading a manga, there is this sentence "これでチャラにしとくよ". I don't really get it. Please translate, thank you
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Are there any rules to the intonations they are discussing in this video?

Note: video has expired and link has been removed. I rarely if ever see anything like this covered in Japanese textbooks or courses besides the hashi (bridge) vs hashi (chopstick) discussion. Is there ...
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Is the use of 真面目な a modern way to refer to sentimental relationships as "serious" or has it always been standard?

If someone can think of a better title, please edit or suggest a better one. Recently, I have started noticing some Japanese people using the adjective 真面目な paired to words such as 出会い, 関係, etc, when ...
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Meaning of チャラいわり

Context: some guys are beating up a high-school girl to extort money from her. Then she says(in a defiant tone I think): 今時かつあげ?チャラいわりにやるコトは古いのね I checked this question about チャラ, but I didn't ...
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what is the meaning of "系" in below sentence?

I checked on internet to find the related meaning of "系" in below sentence but I didn't find. "レポート 進んでる系?"
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Is there considered to be socio-cultural gender in japanese language and do job title variations exist?

Feminist linguistics partly revolve around a concept of with job titles associated biological gender. In English and German one would associate the neutral word "doctor" with a man: it is ...
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What does "本人と似て" mean?

In this sentence I don't understand the beginning "どうせ 本人と似て軽薄でキラキラしただけの---" For me it's : Anyway, they look alike, brilliant and frivolous But I'm not sure. Could someone please help me ? And if ...
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casual equivalent of よろしく

Is there a casual alternative for よろしく. For example, when speaking with close friends, I want to say something along the lines of "from now onwards, lets continue getting along", or something along ...
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what is the meaning of "みたいなな" in below sentence?

I'm watching a Japanese TV drama. I don't understand the meaning of"みたいなな" in this conversation :"お前らみたいなな チャラチャラウニャ~みたいのがな世の中ダメにすんだ分かったか-?"
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What's the difference between お調子者 and かっこつけ?

What's the difference between お調子者 and かっこつけ? Please give me examples.
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