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Usage of「が」and 「は」in ~くれる [duplicate]

everyone. May I know why does different particle is used in the following examples? 小林さんは私にチョコをくれた。 友達が私にチョコをくれた。 姉が娘におもちゃをくれた。 Thanks.
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Different meanings of こわい

I was watching this video (it's actually a really good series, despite the odd presentation). In it, there is the example: おばけがこわい。 Ghosts are scary. No problem there, but the series has been ...
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How to respond to ポイントカードが宜しいですか。

When I am paying for my goods at a supermarket or konbini, the cashier always asks me that question. On dictionaries, the meaning of 宜しい is "fine / good" and it made me confused, "What is good about ...
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Why is this sentence ungrammatical? 「お寺が公園のとなりです。」

I wrote this sentence (meaning "The temple is next to the park") in my Japanese course and my teacher said it's wrong, because I was supposed to use a は instead of a が. My understanding is that there ...
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Why does 「電話は切れた」 sound more adversarial than 「電話が切れた」?

I noticed that while 「…、電話が切れた」 sounds just like a neutral phrase ("... and the call got cut off."), 「…、電話は切れた」 sounds more like you were negatively affected / that the person on the other side ...
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Would I be right in reading 「私には...」as 「to me it's ...」?

Would I be correct in reading things like 私には or 個人的には as being "to me"? Like in the following: 私には寿司が美味しいって!To me sushi is tasty! Or 彼には女性が誰よりきれいです。To him she is better than anyone. Would I ...
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Which は is this?

A過去の通知はありません There are no past notifications B参加予定のイベントはありません There are no planned events. C(あなたは)メッセージがありません You have no messages. In A and B, it can either be the main topic or the contrastive は as ...
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usage of 『は』and『が』with adjectives { na-adj and i-adj }

i really had this question in my mind and it caused me a lot of pain. My question is : what is the difference between using ( wa ) and ( ga ) with adjectives ? i got confusion because i studied ...
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Why がない but はありません?

I was under the impression that は should be always used in negative sentences. Is がない an exception to this rule? Does が add something special to the negation? 仕事はありません。 仕事がない。 Do the above sentences ...
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は、が、を、に and information structure of Japanese Question

I read 日本語の助詞(情報構造) and from what I understand it says: What comes before は is old information and after it it's new information. (This makes sense to me). What comes before が is new information (...
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A question about the particle used with potential form

As I know, when the potential form of a verb is being used, direct object particle "を" should not be used. Instead, が or は should be used. So when should we use which? For example, 富士山が 登れた ...
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Proper Use of "は" and "が" Noun

I am really despairing. Recently, I was forwarded a link by my Japanese colleague. It is about the proper use of "は" and "が". What is stated here, ...
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What is "new information" for が?

I've been trying to understand the age old question of が vs は recently. The resources I've used so far have given helpful answers, but I'm still not getting 1 key point. I'll summarize my knowledge so ...
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Meaning difference between 夜は明ける and 夜が明ける?

In this song lyrics, 夜が明ける is the name of the song, but until the end of the song 夜は明ける is used. This sounds like there is a distinct meaning difference between the two forms. I read about the ...
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Is the use "ほしい” appropriate in these sentences?

Professor A asked you to go to his room. A先生があなたを先生の部屋に行ってほしいです。 Is it OK? I feel it is not quite natural. Similarly, how to say "Professor A hopes you can concentrate on the XX research." ...
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