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what does に in the paragraph below mean

人が個性について語る場合、どうもいい個性のことばかりを取り上げているように思う。いい個性は伸ばし、悪い個性は直しましょう、というわけだ。しかし、私にとってはどちらも大切にすべき個性であるし、そもそもこうしたものにいいも悪いもないのである。 I don't know what the sentence "そもそもこうしたものにいいも悪いもないのである" exactly ...
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What's the use of に in「古見さんに友達が増えた」?

This question on Reddit piqued my interest, and as of now doesn't have an adequate answer. The sentence in question is: 古見さんに友達が増えた. Komi-san made a new friend. I know に is a very versatile case ...
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what does に do in this sentence これがある限り俺たちに拒否権はない

I saw this sentence in the final fantasy 16 trailer これがある限り俺たちに拒否権はない I'm aware it means as long as we have this we have no right to refuse but I'm confused by why に is used here I was under the ...
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Particle に and は

In Kanji in Context book, there's this one sentence: 人間に上下はないと考えるアメリカ人にとって、日本の目上と目下の関係は面倒だろう ? I'm not sure why に and は and not が。 The second part of the sentence is understandable, but the first ...
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What purpose does the particle に serve in this sentence?

人に出来ることには限りがある What is the point of the second に? Would the sentence have a different meaning or be grammatically incorrect if it was just 人に出来ることは限りがある? Any help in understanding this would be very ...
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美味しさに国境はない correct meaning

I’m my text book I have a statement that I couldn’t quite get my head around. 美味しさに国境はない 。 I punched it into translate and it came up “there is no border in taste.” But for this to mean that it would ...
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The usage of particle「に」:彼女に孫が一人いる。

I've seen sentences like 彼女に孫が一人いる。 彼に本当の友達がいない。 In a reference book (see the picture below, No.17), it says that the particle 「に」 is to introduce the "owner" of something or someone. But ...
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How is に being used in おージャンボにもとーちゃんいたのか?

Slight disclaimer but I have come across some typos in this print of Yotsuba, the manga that this sentence is from. The sentence in question is おージャンボにもとーちゃんいたのか! The following sentence is ...
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Meaning of に in もう彼女に抵抗の余地はないのでしょうか?

ライトは事もなく照子の名前を入手することに成功しました。 照子も結構鋭いところを見せてくれますが、もう彼女に抵抗の余地はないのでしょうか? せっかくの「きれいなお姉さん」なので、なんとか頑張って欲しいものです。 Context: On episode 6 of Death Note, Light is trying get information from former FBI ...
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Function of に in this phrase? [duplicate]

わたしにはわたしとしての考えがあります。 I have my own way of thinking. I knew に has some basic usage in: Location of Existence Direction and Destination Destination Result of Change Object of Verb Source Specific Time ...
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が and に interchangeability and difference in meaning

Consider these sentences: だれ{が・に}これが出来るか だれ{が・に}日本語が分からないか When both が and に are acceptable, what is their difference in meaning and practical usage?
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