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What does the "なん" mean in: "君なんだよ"? [duplicate]

In the song "光るなら" there is a lyric that is: "君だよ、君なんだよ" When I translate it, it translates to: It was you, It was you! Another example is in this lyric from the song "...
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What does "なんてもんに" mean in this sentece?

普段から俺は、病気なんてもんに縁がなかった。 I know some of the meanings of なんて and here I think it's just a word to emphasize 病気 in the sentence, but I don't understand that もんに. I think it has something to do with もの, ...
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Function of なんて in this sentence? [duplicate]

The following excerpt is from a scene from Sword Art Online, where Kirito and Asuna are discussing whether or not the killer they are pursuing is a ghost or not. Asuna seems to think it is, but Kirito ...
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When would you use the volitional form with なんて?

Why is the volitional form being used here? 荒地{あれち}の魔女{まじょ}に張{は}りあおうなんて いい度胸{どきょう}ね (Source: Howl's Moving Castle) Is it that なんて is functioning as a kind of quotation particle here as well as its ...
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How does なんていう + のも function in this sentence?

The premise is a young girl's entire family claim to be in service to 龍神 as fortune tellers. They own the Hoju Jewel which allows them to have clairvoyant powers and they use their station to connect ...
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What is an emphatic particle?

The explanation I have found says that it is a particle on the end of the sentence. However, in the book I am reading (An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese) it is stated that も is an ...
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I posted on an app a self introduction message, and I mentioned that I'd been studying Japanese for two months, one of the comments was this: 2ヶ月でこんなにできるなんてすごい!! I get that the general idea is that ...
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Is this irony here?

I'm a bit confused about the following dialogue: A: 彼が医学部に行くって、聞いた。 B: 彼が医者になるなんて信じられない。魚も料理できないのに。 => A: Did you hear that he is entering medical studies? B: I can't believe that he is ...
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Can なんて be a negating factor?

Three siblings have been abandoned by their parents and are to be split up and placed in different homes. They are understandably distraught and an adult family friend is trying to console them. He ...
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Why does なんてね mean "Just kidding"?

I very often see なんてね or some similar phrase being translated to "Just kidding"? but why does it mean this and how does the grammar behind it work?
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What does なんて mean in these sentences?

Once again I have some examples from a Death Note episode [10]. The main character says: しかしおどろいたよ流河{りゅうが}。親睦{しんぼく}を深{ふか}める為{ため}に、突然{とつぜん}テニスなんて。[Note, Ryuuga is a character's name, the one he's ...
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Use of なんか followed by possessive の

I understand from itrasci's answer in this link that なんか after a noun acts like a weak form of は which downplays the importance of the noun. But please look at the following sentence (where the writer ...
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What does なんて mean? [duplicate]

I'm having trouble understanding sentences containing 「なんて」 Here are some of them that I've encountered today: 漫画なんてつまらない and あまりにも刑事なんて職業に似合わない
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What does 用なんてなくっても mean?

Would it happen to be something roughly like "Even if I'm not busy"?
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Why is なんて the correct answer for this question?

Here's a question from N3文法スピードマスター。 英語も中国語もスペイン語もできる*なんて*、素晴らしいですねえ。 This question is multiple-choice, so the other incorrect choices were: なんと、など、なんか just for your information. Here's my ...
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