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What does いなきゃ mean? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Difference between ~なきゃ and ~なくちゃ What does いなきゃ mean?
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meaning of なくっちゃ [duplicate]

I am reading a children's book lent by a friend, and I came across a word that did not appear in the dictionary I use ( or in any google searches. The word is なくっちゃ。 The sentence it is used ...
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Difference between なきゃand なくちゃ [duplicate]

i understand that they’re short forms of なければ and なくて but i don’t understand the different nuances between them. thanks! ex. 勉強しなきゃ。 vs 勉強しなくちゃ。
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Why the negative form in すぐ行かないと? [duplicate]

I know that you can use the negative form to ask questions but why is it used in this sentence? I believe this sentence translates to "I have to go right away", but it's literally "I ...
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僕が強くならなきゃ from 月の大きさ song [duplicate]

I believe that it means I have to become strong but I don't really know how the grammar works in the sentence. I know it's using 強い and I guess なる in potencial form Pleas explain to me how this works
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Must do : ~なければならない vs ~なくてはいけない

What are the differences when using ~なければならない and ~なくてはいけない, or their colloquial contracted forms ~なきゃ and ~なくちゃ when saying "must do"? For example, what is the difference in the nuance and usage of ...
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What's the use of "-なきゃ"? [duplicate]

I have seen two example of this. The first example come from "恋する星座" part 9 where the girl said a sentences with words "行かなきゃ" The second example come from the song "Catch A Break" sung by Eguchi ...
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Does contraction and elision affect formation of relative clauses?

For example, やらなければならない can modify 時 to form やらなければならない時 and I know that the adjective い ending can simply have a noun appended after it. However when it's contracted to やらなきゃ can I simply add a ...
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What does the verb after なくちゃ or なくては mean?

If なくちゃ is followed by another verb, is it read as "you must do X or else Y will happen" or "you must do X and then Y will happen"? Example: In this sentence (from よだかの星): おまえは、曇ってうすぐらい日か、夜でなくちゃ、...
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What does なきや mean? [closed]

I assume this is some sort of idiom or verbal tic, but i'm not 100% sure. Anybody care to help me out? If you need context, this is the phrase: まだピチピチなんだからかんばらなきや
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Does また来なくちゃ mean "I have to come again" or "I must not not come again"?

So, does it suggest that I did not come last time or does it suggest that I did come last time?
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