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Why is it 二ヶ月 and not 二か月? [duplicate]

I was studying kanji, and this word came up. I know the romaji is nikagetsu, meaning two months, so I was a little confused as to why it has a little "ケ". Do you know if this is correct, and if it is,...
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Why is ケ here intead of か or カ? [duplicate]

I was learning how to count months and the online video gave the expression in both hiragana and kanji. Here is an example: 5 months ごかげつ 5ケ月 Why is that ケ there ? Should it not be ka ? As in か ...
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Do all kana have a large and small reading?

Kana are written in large and small versions with different pronunciations in the composition of words but I am not able to determine if all kana can be used in this way. Thank you.
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Why small version of katakana ヵ is used in a word 二ヵ国語

Why do they use sometimes small version of katakana ヵ 'ka' in a word 二ヵ国語 (nikakokugo -bilingual)? For me, more intuitive form could be 二か国語. Katakana characters in small forms other than ya, yu, yo, ...
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Are the two kanjis 箇所 and 個所 interchangeable?

Our customer uses 箇所 but my manager uses 個所 when emailing project status. Are both kanji interchangeable? The context of usage in a sentence is: 一箇所変更しました。 A portion (of the code/software) ...
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What does ヶ mean here?

昼でも夜でもない境界【きょうかい】の、現実の中の非現実【ひげんじつ】。そういうものが一般的【いっぱんてき】に何と言われ、形容されるか、それをすっかり忘れていた。黄昏刻【たそがれどき】は[逢魔ヶ刻]【おうまがとき】――人でないモノに逢【あ】う刻限【こくげん】。 What (I think) I understand so far: The most unreal of all ...
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1カ所: いっかしょ or いちかしょ?

What is the correct pronunciation for 1カ所 ? It means: 1 place Context: ユーティリティ関数として定義されているわりには1カ所からしか呼ばれていない。 It is defined as a utility function, but only called in one place.
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What are these symbols?

ゐ and ゑ. Looks like an odd looking hiragana, but i never seen it before in the hiragana list. ゝandゞ. What does it mean, and why there is a dakuten in the second one. ヶ. It looks like ケ. Maybe it is ケ. ...
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How to connect the elements of this sentence

世界80か国で行われた国際調査の結果が発表された。 I really have problems with some semantics, grammar and parsing here. First: 行われた. Something didn't "do" or "perform". In the overall sentence, I dont know how to ...
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What's the difference between 5か月 and 5 ヶ月?

What's the difference between 5か月 and 5ヶ月 or they are the same? When to use them? I want to say my dog is 5 Mths old. Thanks!!!!
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