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なんだけど Meaning and grammar patterns [duplicate]

I would like to know what (なんだけど / なんですが) means? I think these two forms are the same, but when I asked in class their meaning, I was told that they mean nothing, so I'm kinda confused. For example, ...
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What does this けど at the end of the sentence mean? [duplicate]

「お兄ちゃん、わたし、病気のことなんとなく分かっていた。」 「どうせお兄ちゃんのことだから一人で悩んでいるんじゃないかと思ったけど」 I don't really see what would come after the けど in this sentence. Can anyone help explain?
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Use of けど in a sentence from my textbook [duplicate]

I'm not interested in the translation as much as the use of the word けど in a specific sentence. The textbook presents it as 'but' and 'so', and the dialogue where it appears is as follows: たけしくん、...
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What does が mean in the following context [duplicate]

In the following sentence "私も髪を切りたいんですが、いい所を知っていますか。" Does the が mean "but...(implied reason of not knowing a good place to get a haircut)" in a similar way to が at the end of a ...
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What does おやくそく mean here?

そうびは 「ぶき」と 「ぼうぐ」に分けることができる。 ところで おやくそくだが 「メニュー」でそうびしないと意味はないぞ。 I understand the second sentence as roughly "By the way, if you don't equip them in the menu, they don't do anything." I'm ...
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ですかorですが?which one is correct?

While playing League of Legends with some Japanese friends on the JP server, I noticed something interesting. Some of them use "ですが"in chat instead of the correct ”か” I asked them about it and they ...
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meaning of だけど in this context

recently I started watching samurai champloo & someone asked mugen for his name. he answered: ムゲンだけど I was wondering what the role of だけど in this context was. I thought maybe it's the same as ...
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が function in this sentence?

In this sentence 昨日レストランに行きましたがすごく美味しかったですよ, what is the function of が? So far I have learned that this particle is used to emphasize what comes before it or is used as "but". However, I cannot ...
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Meaning of だけれど at sentence end

I'm finding difficult to understand how だけれど is used here. 〝藤戸千雪〟 あの子、技術と勘はかなりいいわよね …ただ 〝技術〟じゃ差が出ないのよ ショーモデルは〝歩き〟と〝ポーズ〟をちゃんと鍛えてくるから だからこそ〝身長〟と〝雰囲気(オーラ)〟の世界って言われるのだけれど I think I understand what the ...
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What does 人の手により in this sentence mean?

I have problems understanding following sentence, especially the meaning of 人の手により 新しいデザインを作るまで、多くの人の手により出尽くした感もあるけど、諦めません。 Does he speak here about other designers? Something like Until a new ...
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What is the meaning of てあげられちゃうんだけど

I have a following line from a manga: 持ってきてくれたら「魔法的なこと」見せてあげられちゃうんだけど… たとえば服を作ったりね♪ If you bring me some, I’ll be able to show you “a magical thing/magical trick/magic”… Like for example I could make ...
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Is the topic particle は sometimes interchangable with けど?

By the end of the article here, the author means that けど is used for "Introductory remarks: to bring up some topics", such as, 明日{あした}だけど、待{ま}ち合{あ}わせ時間{じかん}どうする? 麻理{まり}の誕生日{たんじょうび}のことなんだけど、...
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Can someone explain the use of だけで in this sentence from Kawabata?

もうそんな寒さかと島村は外を眺めると、鉄道の官舎らしいバラックが山裾に寒々と散らばっているだけで、雪の色はそこまで行かぬうちに闇に呑まれていた。 I understand the meaning of dake and the te form; that is not my problem. My problems has to do with how dake de in this case ...
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Asking questions using が?

Can someone explain why が is used here to ask a question, instead of か? If it is to be more polite, can both be used interchangeably? Situation: A man is ordering something at a burger shop. ...
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What does んだけど mean?

I’m incredibly frustrated because I can’t get a straight answer anywhere. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? Is it contrastive, or not? In some sources, it says it is used to simply connect clauses (The first clause ...
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