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Reading of 七時: why しちじ and not ななじ [duplicate]

Why does 7時「七時」use "しちじ" and not use "ななじ" ?
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How do you do a countdown?

For example, when JAXA launches a rocket, or people count the seconds to the New Year, do they use し or よん to count 4? do they use しち or なな to count 7?
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Is there a logic behind the different endings when counting things in Japanese

So far I don't see any logic to it. It seems like it's just something you have to memorize, or is there a trick that I'm missing. Update To clarify, I'm not so much questioning the existence of the ...
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Numbers and Counters

I am still in a very early stage in learning Japanese, and just I have just learnt some numbers and my first counter words, such as the ones for telling time and まい. Do you ever use "regular" numbers ...
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Does the letter "C" attract any superstition?

I've heard that the number four attracts superstition because of its similarity with the word for death. For example, yon is used instead of shi in some circumstances, and sometimes the number 4, ...
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Trying to understand numbers

I started learning Japanese not long ago and I'm quite confused about two numbers. Seven and nine, I have learned that seven is shichi and that nine is ku. But I also know that seven is nana, and ...
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"Yon" vs. "Shi" in school names

I've tried and Google's text to voice service to read this 四中の It reads something like Yon-chū no But Google suggested this romanization, which left me doubtful Shi-chū no So, ...
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In this example, should the number 4 be read し or よん?

Recently, on another question, I left a comment where I said I thought 1・2・3・4 might be pronounced イチニーサンヨン. I was quickly corrected by another user, who said the following: AFAIK, 1,2,3,4 is ...
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Why does the word 昨夜 have multiple pronunciations?

I picked up Japanese just recently, and I am confused as to why the word 昨夜 has so many different ways to pronounce it. In my dictionary, the pronunciations are listed as ゆうべ、ゆんべ and さくや. Do the ...
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Why do some numbers have two readings?

Generally, when we read or count, 4, 7 and 9 are read only as "よん", "なな", "きゅう", seperately. However, in some cases, 4 is read as "よ" rather than "よん", 7 is read as "しち" rather than "なな", and 9 is ...
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Regarding 7日, 9日, and counting 40, 70, 90

If you convert "ななにち" or "しちにち", you can get a letter "㏦(IDEOGRAPHIC TELEGRAPH SYMBOL FOR DAY SEVEN). Doing "きゅうにち" or "くにち", you can get a letter "㏨(IDEOGRAPHIC TELEGRAPH SYMBOL FOR DAY NINE). When I ...
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Why is the kunyomi reading commonly used for 4 and 7, but not other numbers?

It's interesting that the numbers 4 and 7 are often read using with kunyomi (よん, なな), even in many cases where the other numbers (1,2,3,5,6,8,9,10) would be read with onyomi. For example, 34 is read ...
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