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Saying ジャパニーズ instead of 日本の

I recently came across a sentence mentioning 'ジャパニーズデザイン'. What would be the difference between calling something 日本のデザイン verses ジャパニーズデザイン?
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ニッポン? Why Kana?

Just saw this picture: Notice the ニッポン. Why is it written in Kana?! Isn't that like super bizarre?
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Why sometimes the same words are used in hiragana and katakana?

I saw on some restaurants ramen is written like ラーメン, but sometimes like らーめん. Seems like both are correct, but I'm confused which variant should I use when I write about this meal. Does it depend on ...
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How is katakana beneficial and or detrimental to Japanese people? [closed]

I am a linguistics teacher in Japan and the overuse of katakana in Japan makes it difficult for Japanese students to easily learn English or other western languages. This is not just some random ...
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Why is the place's official name written as "なら工藝館" (rather than "奈良工藝館")?

When I visited Nara, I noticed that on the bus stop lists, the Nara Craft Museum's name did not use Kanji for "Nara" but spelled out with hiragana, as "なら工藝館". As it turns out, in almost all other ...
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Why use kana rather than kanji (and vice versa)

I hope this question actually has an answer and is topical to this site. I was wondering if anyone could explain why (in general) an author might choose to use kana/kanji in circumstances where kanji/...
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Why is "Encouragement of Climb" written in katakana instead of hiragana?

I'm just a beginner in Japanese, but I know the difference between the use of katakana and hiragana in sentences. Katakana is used for transliteration of foreign words, onomatopoeia, technical or ...
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Why is アタマ written in katakana in the following passage?

I am watching a series of videos about the life of 手塚【てづか】治虫【おさむ】. In the video number 8, the word アタマ in 「子供のアタマ」 is spelled in katakana: Is this a way to emphazise or highlight something? or what ...
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ゆきやま vs 雪山 kanji for yuki yama [closed]

I'm doing a design for a Japanese restaurant in a mountain town, the name of it is Yuki Yama. I'm curious about using ゆきやま vs 雪山 for the Japanese characters. I'm Chinese so I'm inclined to use 雪山 but ...
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Why does the title of Yurikuma Arashi use katakana for yuri instead of kanji?

So from what I understand, the yuri genre is always written in kanji, like this, 百合. However, I noticed that the title of the anime has yuri written in katakana, ユリ. So if the anime is a yuri series, ...
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Why the movies Space Battleship Yamato title don't use Kanji for Yamato but katakana?

The movies wiki The movies title (宇宙戦艦ヤマト) write Yamato (ヤマト) as katakana. However, Yamato is Japanese word, which is available in Kanji (大和). 大和 ...
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