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How to recognize the abbreviation of spoken Japanese? [duplicate]

When I am watching the Japanese drama, I can always hear some abbreviations of expression. But I can not get the original expressions so how to learn them. For example, 直んねー 、すげぇ、
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what does "ねぇぞ" mean in this sentence? [duplicate]

what does "ねぇぞ" mean in this sentence? "出てねぇぞ"
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Grammar confusion with use of 頼みてえ [duplicate]

I came across this sentence: ちょうどいい! 頼【たの】みてえ事【こと】がある! My translation: Just in time! I have a favor to ask! I'm not really sure what grammar rule is being applied to the bold part. It seems like ...
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What does うめーな mean here? [duplicate]

The sentence in question is 恵那はやっぱうめーなー. This is from Yotsuba manga chapter 8 and the English translation is "Ena-Chan's good at this after all." I believe that やっぱ means too/also/likewise and from ...
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Don't understand 歌うめぇ meaning [duplicate]

I'm a bit stuck in translating 歌うめぇ. I found somewhere that めぇ can be a colloqiual form of まい, but I don't know if it is true. Could you help me, please? The context is that you've heard someone ...
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Does 当たりめーだろ equal to 当たり前だろ but slang? [duplicate]

Recently met this phrase several times in the context like affirmative or positive answer. Googling it didn't help muchб and it doesn't look like typo too. For me it looks like まえ rather naturally ...
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What is the meaning of バカにはええじゃないか?

I don't know how to interpret ばかにはええじゃねえか in the manga here. I believe ばかにはええじゃねえか = ばかにはいいじゃないか but I still can't make sense of this. As the picture suggests, the father says this as some sort of a ...
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Meaning of "ねーし"

What does "ねーし" mean? For example: 笑ってねーし!
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Any hints on how to translate the 'Nanny' in Totoro?

I'm working through translating となりのトトロ and I was doing ok until the Nanny starts talking. Going through her sentences and translating them piece by piece is an exercise in extreme patience. I find ...
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てえな attached to verb stem

Hello fellow inquisitors of Japanese. In my classroom today - in Balamb Gardens of course - my students and I were gleefully reading through Shiwon Miura's latest novel あの家に暮らす四人の女 when we - to our ...
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what is the meaning of 悪ぃ

I have come across this a few times when reading: 悪ぃ(わりぃ). I have seen it used as an expression and as an adj. from the context it looks like it carries a meaning of "sorry" or "my bad". is this a ...
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Trouble understanding small bits of poetry in a Japanese novel

Recently, I bought my first Japanese novel to improve my reading skills. The novel itself uses a modern, very simple grammar (it's Ningen no kouta by Kō Machida) so it's not hard to understand. ...
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Is くだらねぇ verb conjugation?

From the first episode of Death Note: まったく くだらねえ Is くだらねえ slang for くだらない?
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What is ねぇたぁ in 判らねぇたぁ?

俺は手加減してたぜ? それが判らねぇたぁ、 お前、割とぬるいねぇ。 Is it colloquial form of 判らなかった?
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Meaning of ぐれー in this sentence

スカしっぺでも響き渡るぐれ〜 静かな場所になっちまったよ! In this sentence, is ぐれー another way of saying ぐらい?
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