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What does adding し to an adjective do? [duplicate]

For example: 楽しいししたいよ~ The し is added to 楽しい. What does it do?
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What does the し do in this sentence? "あそこのたべものはうまいしねだんもやすいです。" [duplicate]

What does the し do in this sentence? "あそこのたべものはうまいしねだんもやすいです。"
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し at the end of the sentence

I learned that shi is used to connect two or more sentences. But sometimes I hear it at the end of the sentence. What does it mean? Can you explain on these sentences? 濃くなってきちゃったら、...
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What's the meaning and the usage of ことだし?

I found two examples, and I think that I got the meaning but I'm not sure of its grammar. One is:"明日はお父さんも休みのことだし、 みんなで買い物でも行かない?" since tomorrow your father is free too, why don't we go all together ...
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もしたし -- Grammar point or vocabulary?

I'm having some trouble understanding this sentence: バスケやってたよ。ちょっと熱血【ねっけつ】してた、遅く【おそく】まで残ってシュート練習もしたし Specifically stuck on the trailing "もしたし", I can't find anything suitable on Google ...
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「〜ますし」の文法と意味は何ですか。 例)「しかしわたしたちは、雪の下で何が起きているかわかりますし、起きていることを想像することもできます。」 この「し」の使い方と意味を説明していただけませんか。
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Why was し used instead of から?

通訳の仕事は視野が広がるし、自分自身も成長できるよね In this message why is し used instead of から?I thought し was mainly for when there’s multiple reasons for things. Is there another use or reason for it or is it kinda like や,...
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An excerpt from 時をかける少女. Need help understanding the bold part. 一夫と吾朗は、並んで手洗い場へ行った。ふたりのうしろ姿を見くらべた和子は、また、笑い出しそうになった。かれらの組みあわせはじつにおもしろい。一夫は背が高くやせ型。吾朗はずんぐりむっくりである。どちらも勉強はよくできるが、吾朗は努力家で、どちらかといえば直情径行型。...
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て form to joining sentences but in negative sense

I'm learning about the uses of て-form, one of them is to joining sentences like 家に帰ってTVを見る I come home and I watch TV but if I want to apply a negative sense to the て-form, do I have to use the ないで ...
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What does し do here? 「そのほうが頭の固いお方にもご理解いただけそうですし。 」

The sentence where I found this occurance is そのほうが頭の固いお方にもご理解いただけそうですし. The only explanations I found are "(at the end of a phrase) notes one (of several) reasons" and "at sentence end; ...
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Can し act as replacement for て when listing a series of adjectives?

I was watching an anime and one of the characters said this: 優しいししっかりしてるし可愛いし I was a bit surprised because I was told that you should connect adjectives with て. Why is this characters using し ...
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Is there any word 'popular' in 'お嬢ちゃんも先生似だしいけるんじゃねーか ?'?

In some subtitles of S02E06 of the anime adaptation of the manga The Quintessential Quintuplets, there's this line by a character named Shimoda, who was the student of now deceased character named ...
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Difference in たくて and てwhen joining two (or more) sentences

What's the difference between: 食堂に行って、ご飯を食べたい - I want to go to the cafeteria and want to eat rice 食堂に行きたくて、ご飯を食べたい - I want to go to the cafeteria and want to eat rice
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