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Difference between なきゃand なくちゃ [duplicate]

i understand that they’re short forms of なければ and なくて but i don’t understand the different nuances between them. thanks! ex. 勉強しなきゃ。 vs 勉強しなくちゃ。
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Doubt about syntax [duplicate]

コートを着なければいけません。 I'm not sure about the meaning of this sentence. Would it be something like "If you don't wear a coat, you're not going"?
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Difference between ~なきゃ and ~なくちゃ

I know that one of them is なくてはいけません and the other one なければなりません, I just don't know which is which, also a few example sentences would help a lot, thank you.
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must/need [必要]{ひつよう}がある vs. なくてはいけない and [必要]{ひつよう}だ vs. [要]{い}る

This is a two part question, both pertaining to expressions involving "必要". What is the difference between 必要がある and -なくてはいけない/ -なければならない? The difference between the latter two expressions is ...
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Double negative not making sense

From NHK Easy Japanese News: 「民主主義{みんしゅしゅぎ}は、一度{いちど}運動{うんどう}を止{と}めると、使{つか}わない筋肉{きんにく}のように弱{よわ}くなってしまうので、運動{うんどう}を続{つづ}けなければなりません」と言{い}いました。 If I translate literally: "About democracy, if stop ...
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Meaning of てはならない

ただしい じょうほう にもとづいて はっぴょう しなくてはならない I understand that てはならない means 'must not/should not'. However,I cannot make any sense out of the above sentence that I read in a book. Would appreciate if someone ...
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What distinguishes the different ways to say something must be done? (E.G. しなくてはだめ、しなくてはならない、しなくてはいけない and so on)

I've gathered a bit from the related questions I got, but I'm not quite 100% on what separates だめ,いけない and ならない each other, not to mention the differences between しなくちゃ、しなきゃ、しないと before the three ...
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Is ないとダメ a stronger "must" than なければダメ?

I learned that one way to form a "must" sentence is "negative verb + conditional + ダメ・ならない・いけない": I mainly see two kinds of conditional used - the 仮定形 and と. For example 食べないとダメだ。 ...
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meaning of なくっちゃ [duplicate]

I am reading a children's book lent by a friend, and I came across a word that did not appear in the dictionary I use ( or in any google searches. The word is なくっちゃ。 The sentence it is used ...
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Does また来なくちゃ mean "I have to come again" or "I must not not come again"?

So, does it suggest that I did not come last time or does it suggest that I did come last time?
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Is my understanding for the phrase, なくてはならなくなる correct?

The original sentence from the light novel: もしもこの作戦が失敗したら、我々は、我々の宿願の為、カルペデイムに戦争を仕掛けなくてはならなくなる。 カルペデイム, Carpe Diem, is a fictional place in the light novel setting. I've found reference for ...
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Can we change the position of the object?

I know google translate does the bare minimum job of translating a sentence into Japanese. The original sentence was, "I had to hit my head on the table." which was translated into "...
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