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How to say a pet/human has a characteristic rather than 'it is something'- How to say something has (adjective) [duplicate]

I am trying to describe what my pet looks like. Let's say her name is 'inu'. I know how to say inu is big. You would say; inu wa ookii desu. You could say what she is by putting a different adjective ...
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Usage of the phrase している [duplicate]

While I was working on 日本語総まとめ N3 文法, I came across the following. ここの砂は星みたいな形をしている. Now I know that this translates to "The sand here in this area are star-shaped." What I don't understand here is ...
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~色がする or ~色をする?

I came across the following sentence in an exercise, with the following propositions: 森さんが飼っている魚は、とてもきれいな色_____している。 A. に B. を C. で D. が I learnt that する is used with が when talking about something ...
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Meaning of (と)した in やんわりとした暖房

What does とした mean in this sentence? 心ばかりのやんわりとした暖房の教室の昼休み。 I saw this, but I think it's a different とした.
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Meaning of 顔をする?

Does 顔をする mean to make a face or to have a particular type of face? When I looked at the Japanese dictionary definition for する, it was quite confusing since one had ある状態・性質であることを示す compared to 人や物がある形・...
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How to describe someone who has a "radio voice"?

I would like to tell someone to talk more, because she has a radio voice. The term I am looking for should be either non-formal or slang.
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Describing facial expression

Edit: The link provided by @broken headphones has helped resolve my する/している problem (I think). I have one problem remaining though. Given @Sonny365TANAKA's answer that 彼女は長い髪の毛です is not grammatical, ...
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Meaning of する verb in 「その少女は小さい口元をしている」

I was looking up in the dictionary, and came across a sentence like this: その少女は小さい口元をしている。 From what I understand, している means "is doing" or "does". So the girl "does" her little mouth? Then I ...
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Meaning of ハートしている

In a boxing match, a trainer is telling a boxer to stay away from the opponent and wait the end of the round to recover, but he doesn't listen to him. Then the trainer says this sentence: ...
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Is there any difference between ~~をする and ~が~

I came across this sentence (from the Core 1000 material of iknow) while learning vocabulary: 彼女は青い目をしています。 She has blue eyes. Doing some searching I found this answer explaining that ~をする can ...
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