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Level name: is my completion guess right?

Kaizo Mario World 3 has a level called NABANA NO SATO. I tried to interpret it as Japanese, since it's clearly not English and it is in an English version so the only logical guess was it wasn't ...
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Can the particle "no" sometimes be omitted?

It seems to me that sometimes the "no" that should be between two nouns is omitted. if so, can this be done in any case or are there special cases? For example, a case where I think there should be a ...
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Is 動詞修飾副詞 a grammatical term?

I'm reading a paper about linguistics when it comes to learning a second language. I came across this sentence: 典型的な動詞修飾副詞であることと、その基本位置は用言の前であり、移動範囲は述部内であることがわかった。 I have tried searching for a ...
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Why isn't 日本料理 written as 日本の料理?

Both 日本 and 料理{りょうり} are nouns but why aren't they concatenated with の? I think it should be written as 日本の料理 rather than 日本料理.
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