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What is "koto" used for? [duplicate]

I know "koto" means thing, but I've seen it used like this in my Self-Study Japanese book: Nihon no koto ga yoku wakarimasu ka. and Chiimu no koto o kangaete imashita. Does this mean Japan's thing ...
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anata no koto suki vs anata ga suki [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the こと in sentences such as あなたのことが好きだ? What are the guidelines of omitting particles? It is possible to say both of these: あなたが好きです あなたのこと好きです The adjective 好き is ...
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Trying to understand 私のこと in this sentence [duplicate]

According to a tweet from @real_eikaiwa, the following sentence: こんなに私のこと笑わせてくれる人なかなかいないって思ってる! Translates to: "I don't think I've ever met anyone that made me laugh so much!" But this doesn't ...
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Why ‘‘君のこと‘‘好きです。 [duplicate]

I'm a beginner in Japanese. So why do they use 君のこと to mean you? If I write this same phase but instead of 君のこと I write 君は the meaning will change?
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Understanding the meaning of a sentence [duplicate]

わたし、かずさのことを愛してる。 I think it means "I love Kazusa". を愛してる would be the love part but I'd like to know if I'm missing something relevant.
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difference between "田中さんのこと" and just "田中さん"? [duplicate]

I'd like to compare the meanings of: 田中{たなか}さんを尊敬{そんけい}している。 田中さんのことを尊敬している。 Are the following statements true? -#2 has a much broader meaning, right? Like, I respect Tanaka as a man, a husband,...
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I'm doing well. But some particles seem not to fit. What's the role of "こと" in this sentence? [duplicate]

そっか。みなさん、どなたか木村さんのことしりませんか。 Thankyou.
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What is the difference between キミ and キミの事? [duplicate]

In songs and anime (yes, I know that they're not always good representations of normal spoken Japanese) I see キミの事 used (for example キミの事が大好き), and I'm pretty sure that it doesn't mean the literal ...
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What does this phrase mean?(not asking for translation) [duplicate]

先生の事好きですか here means "do (you all) like (your/the) teacher?" 先生 means teacher and 事 means event. So does 先生の事 means "event of teacher"? Or precisely "the teaching of the teacher"? Then it would mean ...
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Meaning of だけはわからない

それでも彼には、自分のことだけはわからない。 I'm translating the above sentence from Japanese to English, and I'm having issues with understanding what だけはわからない means. Why does だけ come before は? says that だけは means 'at ...
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What is the Japanese equivalent of 'you're in my heart'?

According to this, the translation would be: あなたは わたしの こころに います。 That seems simple enough. However, the same source claims it's not in use, and recommends the following instead: いつも あなたのことを ...
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が in subordinate clauses

Since you can't use は in subordinate clauses, it looks to me like が is forced to take on both roles, so how would we distinguish them? For example, if we have the sentence 僕が好きな動物 how do we ...
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Difference between こと、もの and やつ

I am trying to understand the following clearly: 私のこと 私のもの 私のやつ When someone is talking about us, we can use こと. いいえ、それは私のことではないです No, that is not something related to me. やつ is used when ...
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What does こと refer to in だけのことはある

I'm trying to figure out what "こと” is referring to in this idiom/grammar point. In the following example sentence: 彼は若いころから日本に住んでいただけのことはあって、さすが日本語がうまいんだね。 What does koto refer to here? ...
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(Person's name) + 君の事

I came across the following sentence and I'm having troubles understanding the grammar: …一条君の事好きだった… 一条 stands for the person's name. That being said, I understand 君 is a personal pronoun like you,...
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