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What is the difference between してしまいそう and しそうだ [duplicate]

I've come across this sentence in Shinkanzen Master N3 Reading, and I don't understand what the difference is. The sentence goes as follows: 遅刻してしまいそうだ。it then asks what the difference would be, if ...
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meaning of ちゃった verb ending

I've seen many verbs that end with ちゃった and would like to know what that means. For example: リボンも切れちゃった。
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Translation of: 美しいと思ってしまったのだ

I would like to ask about the interpretation of the sentence below: 美しいと思ってしまったのだ If I were to interpret it literally, it would mean The thing of unintentionally thinking that it is beautiful ...
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What does どうなちきつたんだよオ mean?

I am trying to learn a lot by reading, but I am having a lot of trouble with this phrase/sentence: どうなちきつたんだよオ Now, this is from a manga (Akira, specifically) so I'm guessing it's some kind of ...
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Use of する and しまう

忘れ物をしました 忘れ物をしまったんです 忘れ物をしてしました 忘れ物をしてしまったんです Are all these four expressions acceptable, what is the difference among them?
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Relative clauses targeting different parts

Consider the main premise as follows, A boy borrowed a pen from a girl. 男の子は女の子にペンを借りました。 Now consider the following additional premises, each with a different conclusion: The boy is Suzuki Shin. ...
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What is the closest equivalent Japanese word to "melempem"?

How do you describe this state of 'melempem' in Japanese? This is the food (kerupuk) in question: Melempem = a state of condition of something that lacks 'hardness' due being out in the open for ...
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Why is ちゃった used here?

いやあ… いつの間にかすごい人になっちゃったんだなあ。 僕の知ってる鴫野は いわゆる オタクっていうか一人で ずっと ゲームやってるような奴だったのに。 Isn't ちゃった used for regrets?
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そんな飲み方をしてしまいたくなるのが interpreting してしまいたくなる

今、ちょっと休憩です。今日もまた、7時まで頑張ります!そして、また、お茶ミルについてですけど、本当に買ってよかった。今、休憩で、また抹茶を作りました。そして、おろししょうががあったので、半分入れた。そんな飲み方、え~ってかんじだけど、そんな飲み方をしてしまいたくなるのが、このお茶ミルです。 Can someone help me parse the last sentence, im having ...
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What is the etymology of this child's melody about stepping on kittens?

I came across an insane child's melody about stepping kittens. What is the etymology of this melody? 猫ふんじゃった And, what does "かつぶしゃる" mean?
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Why is ちゃう used without negative connotation in the following sentence?

俺って誰かさんと違うえらい子だから。Because I am admirable, unlike a certain someone. 空気読んじゃうんだよね。[I] surely can read the mood. So the POV character is watching two friends flirt and he's pretending to be asleep. When ...
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