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What is Gudetama's catch phrase? Is it だりー or だるい? [duplicate]

On Netflix, in the first episode, at 00:43 he says it. Netflix translates it as "what a drag". It sounds to me like 「だりー」 not 「だるい」. But maybe I'm mishearing? The dictionary says だるい means ...
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What ならねー means? [duplicate]

I am playing a game. I sit in an empty train and character says: ホント、よく廃線にならねーよな I don't know what naranēyona should mean. I am just speculating, that it might mean "Really, It can be abandoned ...
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what does "ねぇぞ" mean in this sentence? [duplicate]

what does "ねぇぞ" mean in this sentence? "出てねぇぞ"
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Grammar confusion with use of 頼みてえ [duplicate]

I came across this sentence: ちょうどいい! 頼【たの】みてえ事【こと】がある! My translation: Just in time! I have a favor to ask! I'm not really sure what grammar rule is being applied to the bold part. It seems like ...
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Is 情けねえ the negative form of 情け? [duplicate]

And if so, how is this negative (情けねえ) different from 情けない?
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"Workin Hard" -Fuji Kaze Song lyric the verb "かったり" - [duplicate]

I really cant understand which verb is かったり" here 結果なんぞかったりーわ Any guesses ? Is it a dialect ?
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How does 時くれえ function here? [duplicate]

最初にまみえた時くれえ 呆けてた方が可愛げがあって良いんじゃねえか My rough understanding of the 2nd sentence is "You were so amazed that it was cute, so it's fine, right?" I'm not sure how the first sentence works here. ...
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What does マジだりいな mean in this Takayan song? [duplicate]

This line is from the song 演じてばかりだ by たかやん: "おーおー マジだりいな" Followed by : "おーおー 眠りたくないな" The official english translation says it means : "seriously a bore".
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くれぇ in this sentence? [duplicate]

膝の調子は悪くても、ハシゴくれぇは押さえられるだろ?! I'm guessing this is some kind of shorter version of something else?
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What is the meaning of バカにはええじゃないか?

I don't know how to interpret ばかにはええじゃねえか in the manga here. I believe ばかにはええじゃねえか = ばかにはいいじゃないか but I still can't make sense of this. As the picture suggests, the father says this as some sort of a ...
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What is the meaning of 上げて落としたみてー?

I'm reading this manga, and came accross the following monologue: たかが弦ごときで世界の終わりみてーなツラしやがって 俺が上げて落としたみてーで後味ワリーだろがッ 俺の昼寝返せ!!! I can't understand what 上げて落としたみて means. Is this an expression? Are those ...
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How does atsui (あつい) sound like English 'hot'?

McWhorter, J. PhD Linguistics (Stanford). The Power of Babel (2003). p. 293 Bottom.   For example, the words in Thai for fire, die, and rim are faj, taaj, and rim, just by accident! Long lists ...
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Sound change of verbs (違う → ちげー)

I find some (young?) people say ちげー when they mean 違う. Is there other verb that is frequently sound-reduced? (BTW, what is the correct way to describe this phonological phenomenon or the word for this ...
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Meaning of わりィ in this sentence

わりィのはその関口って奴じゃねぇか。 I'm guessing that this って is という rather than は. So I get something like It's that idiot Sekiguchi isn't it? I can't even begin to guess at what the わりィ part is though.
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Use of 悪ィ over 悪い

それが良{い}いのか悪{わり}ィのか正{ただ}しいことなのか、少し考{かんが}える。 I interpret this clause from 僕のヒーローアカデミア as "As to whether that is a good thing or a bad thing or something correct, I will think about it a little." Why ...
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