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配信 sentence construction problem [duplicate]

Nouvelle-Calédonieで繰り広げるロードトリップはウェブ動画でも配信 In this sentence, why did we end the sentence at 配信? What does this mean?
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Sentences that end in a pronoun [duplicate]

A type of sentence or clause which seems to be common is one that has a long pre-modifying clause in front of a pronoun or a proper noun. Example from a blog post: 塗装したいものがたくさんあるのに、塗料を決められない、...
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Saw this sentence in the title of an article and I'm a bit confused [duplicate]

日本のスノーアクティビティを体験 If the particle を is used here shouldn't it be 体験した/する if it is acting like a verb?
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When is it acceptable to use "Newspaper grammar"?

It is often said that Newspapers use grammatical forms/ellipses not used elsewhere and, on the whole, these do not present a problem to read and understand. However the ellipses do not seem to be ...
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Grammatically, is a 体言止めの文 a "Japanese sentence"?

In Japanese, a 文【ぶん】 is basically anything which is delimited by periods (マル) or question/exclamation marks. For example, let's say there is a paragraph like this in the middle of the main text of a ...
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Understanding ~並みに and ending a sentence with a noun

The sentence in question is: カズマの発言にいきり立つ、ゴブリン並みに短気な二人。 I get first part of getting angry at Kazuma's statement but the second part has 2 things I don't quite get: 1.並み after the word goblin, the ...
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is this sentence gramatically correct? "ano ko ga futteita makka na sukaafu"

This phrase from a song "ano ko ga futteita makka na sukaafu" is gramatically correct? shouldnt be ano ko ga makka na sukaafu o futteita ? BTW, ko is translated as "girl" . Ko has many meanings, ...
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omitting conjunction で for emphasis?

In an essay I'm reading called 料理, the author says the following (note: the full sentence is very long, so I've omitted a few of the clauses while keeping enough to get the general point across): ...
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Did I translate the て-form correctly in this sentence?

I'm wondering if I translated the bolded part of the following sentence correctly due to not being 100% certain on the rules of the て-form. 軍隊で使うような、重くて厚みのあるサバイバルナイフ。 I managed to translate the ...
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Nuance when the subject is moved to the end of the phrase

I've been plugging away on novel translations for years now and figure I should ask more questions about it around here, since the freelance life does not make it easy to network with people. My ...
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Why is there a noun at the end of this sentence?

From an article on ghosts: 「私【わたし】は死【し】んだのですか?」と言【い】った直後【ちょくご】に姿【すがた】を消【け】した女性【じょせい】
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Trying to understand this tweet

Not sure why, but although I'm not bad at understanding japanese, sometimes there are messages like this I cannot understand at all. Could someone help me understand how the overall grammar works here ...
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Issue identifying the topic of a sentence

I've been staring at this for a while now and can't seem to decide on what is actually happening. The sentence in question is: さっきから動物に餌を与えるのを楽しんでいるかのようなシンシア Now does this refer to an actual animal ...
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What is the meaning of 出るべきところ here?

首から下に目を向ければ、すらりと伸びきった四肢や、引き締まっていながらも胸や腰など出るべきところはきちんと出ているメリハリの利いたグラマラスボディ。 What does 出るべきところ mean here ? Also what does メリハリの利いたグラマラスボディmodify here?
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Is it common to end the sentence with 事?

Is it common to end the sentence with 事 ? (not the imperative case) I have often encountered sentences such as 我が望みは、爆裂魔法を放つ事。 My only desire is to let off Explosion. I understand that 事 is the 事 ...
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