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How do you interpret an "interrogative word + non-polite form + か + 知る" construct? [duplicate]

Came across this sentence that has this "interrogative word + non-polite form + か + 知る" structure but not too sure if this is a kind of question or answer. どこの会議室か知りません。 Is this a question or an ...
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Usage of か before を [duplicate]

During my immersion I bumped into this sentence その動作・作用が、どんな場所・場面において行われるかを表わす。 In 場面において行われるかを表わす。what is the role of か specifically?
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What is the function of か between these two verbs? [duplicate]

文章を読んで、何について書いているか考えてください. I think it means, read the sentence(s), and think about something to write. I don't understand why か is between 書いている instead of て-form.
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Why 誰か and not 誰? [duplicate]

I thought that 誰 meant 'who', such as in: 彼は誰ですか。'Who is he?' Then, why in this sentence it is 誰か ('someone') which is used and not 誰? 彼女が誰か知っていますか。'Do you know who she is ?'
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Help with understanding why "のか" is used in this sentence [duplicate]

I read this sentence: "私はなぜ彼がこれをしているのか、分からない" The sentence is supposed to mean "I don't understand why he is doing this," and I think it is grammatically correct since I found it in a japanese site ...
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grammar question: ka? or ga? And what is the grammar? [duplicate]

i am thinking of whether the grammar in the question is. Ive never seen any problems like this. What is the case? And how should I answer this question?
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Using か within a sentence [duplicate]

I want to make a question within a sentence using か, but it’s weird for me. I don’t want to use か at the end of a sentence. もう知ってる
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Question about usage of 「のでは」

In one of the grammar questions for N3, I saw one for which I couldn't understand the reason why のでは is used. この英会話講師のアルバイトに応募したきっかけは、先輩からの紹介です。私の専門は言語学ですので、その知識が生かせる「 」、と思い、応募いたしました。文法に詳しいので、...
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Question + は置いといて

悪質かは置いといて今日は集まり悪いですね。 This "question + は置いといて" looks like a common construction based on Google results but I can't find an explanation of it. But my guess from staring at it long enough and ...
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Why is というのは used (both times) in this sentence?

I'm trying to understand the use of というのは in the second sentence below. Is it a way to refer to the 職業 in the first sentence? I find in some places that というのは can mean "the reason I'm saying this is......
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か usage in subordinate clauses

So I know there are many uses of か, but the one I want to focus on is using a question word with か. For example: 何を食べるか知ってる? 何を食べるか知っていますか? For these two sentences, the か inbetween the two words ...
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What does this usage of 「かどうか」mean?

So I've been studying for the inevitable JLPT N4 exam, and came across a grammar question I didn't understand at all. I mean, I do understand every individual word, but as it often happens with ...
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さも usage/construction with か

姉は知らないことも、さも知っているかのように話す I came across さも for the first time recently: it is supposedly an adverbial usage, meaning 'as if' or 'in that way'. However, in the sentence above I'm not sure what the か is ...
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How to say in Japanese "I want to learn driving a car"?

I am currently learning Japanese, I am still a beginner and right now I am trying to say something like "I want to learn driving a car" or "I want to learn how to drive a car". I ...
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を after particle (であるかを)

This is probably an easy question, but I can't find a clear satisfying answer to it after looking it up so I figured I'd ask here. 自分がどんな人であるかを知ってもらいたい 1) Why can を act on a particle? I understand ...
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