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The difference between は and を? [duplicate]

Hello everyone as the title states I am having difficulty understanding when to use the correct particle. As an example 肉は食べません (I do not eat meat) and やさいを食べます (I eat vegetables) Is it ...
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Koto ga arimasu vs. Koto wa arimasen [duplicate]

こんにちは! I'm having some trouble understanding why は is used in the following response, instead of が. If someone could please help, I'd really appreciate it. おさけ を のんだ こと が あります か / O sake o nonda ...
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Questions about 「とは」and 「思わなんだ」 [duplicate]

Here is the sentence relating to the questions. こんなうすぎたねえ車の中で また おあいできるとは思わなんだぜ。 1) Why is the 「は」included with the particle 「と」? I think only 「と」would be enough to be used with the verb 「思う」. Or ...
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What is the purpose of では in this context [duplicate]

Person A: どんな ときに しゅくだいを する ことが できませんか? Person B: きょうしつで とか かいしゃでは できません。 I understand what 「で」is doing (indicating the place) but what about 'wa' in this case? thanks in advance
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Using が or は with 好き [duplicate]

値段が高いレストランはあまり好きじゃない This is a sentence from my texbook and I can't understand why there is は after レストラン? As I know, we always use が after something that we 好き. In this sentence we doesn't like ...
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Why is there sometimes a は used in conjugated, negative, formal i-adjectives? [duplicate]

A few times now, I have seen a negative i-adjective with a は in between the く and the ありません. I have seen it usually present when it is a response to a question. Like the example below. いいえ、車は赤くはありません。...
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Can you use は to mark the object with negative verbs? [duplicate]

I've been studying Japanese for about two years, and recently started working though Japanese Duolingo. I'm confused by their particle usage for verbs: 魚を食べます versus 魚は食べません I.e using を for ...
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Why is a different particle used with the positive and the negative version of 必要がある/必要はない? [duplicate]

In the expression V必要がある / V必要はない, which I came across in my textbook, I would expect that both use the particle が. What is the reason why は is used only in the negative case? This is the source: ...
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この下の文章の「は」はどういう意味ですか。 [duplicate]

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Function of は in にはなる

The author is complaining that she hates men's cooking but acknowledges that somewhere in the world there may be some that she likes. She then says: だからただしくは、今まで喰らってきた男の料理を私は好きにはなれなかった、と言うべきなんだろう。 ...
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what does てはいる in this sentence mean?

彼は、興奮して、もったいぶった顔つきをしてはいるが、内心の喜びを、上品ぶった冷静さの態度でかくそうとしていた。 also in the following sentence is the same てはいる used but with the humble equivalent おる if so why is it used in its passive form? あいつの話など、...
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Is "断ったとは信じがたい" a nominalization?

I'm not comfortable with how ~~とは... is used in my textbook: 彼{かれ}がひどいことをしたとは信{しん}じがたい。 That 信じる is only transitive makes me think that ~~とは... is a nominalization method. But, I've never seen that ...
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What's the difference between saying 私は日本語を話しません vs 私は日本語が話しません?

私は日本語を話しません 私は日本語が話しません I've seen both versions on the Internet. Maybe only one is the correct version? Maybe both?
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Why is では (dewa) necessary in the following sentence? And what does it mean?

This is the sentence: 私は韓国人ではありません。 Watashi wa kangokujin de wa arimasen. I'm not Korean. I was expecting something like: 私は韓国人ありません。 Watashi wa kangokujin arimasen. Why is the ...
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What does では mean in this sentence?

I've recently started learning Japanese through self teaching (a few different mobile apps and books, this question is spawned from using one called Memrise) But I'm learning to say "I don't like " ...
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