In the intro of the Game Boy Advance game titled "Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi" there are a few instances in which かけ is used before a verb, and I don't seem to be able to grasp the nuance or meaning that it is supposed to convey.

Here are two examples:

  1. 神に祝福されし英雄が人の存亡と未来をかけ戦った世界
  2. どちらともが大陸の覇権をかけ争い

As for the first example, I would translate it as: "A world in which the heroes blessed by the gods fought for the life and future of the people".

Regarding the second one, I'd say it means something like: "Both of them disputed the hegemony of the continent".

What I can't get to understand is the function of かけ in those sentences.

Please, help!

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This かけ is the masu-stem (連用形) of 賭ける, which means "to stake", "to risk" or "to contend for".

  • 人の存亡と未来をかけ
    staking the survival and future of the mankind
  • 大陸の覇権をかけ
    contending for the supremacy over the continent

In case you don't know why it's かけ rather than かけて, see:

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