So I read this, What does なにか mean in this sentence? and to clarify, I also ran across a sentence, "何かプレゼントを買いましょうか? Here, I'm guessing 何か does not mean something, or at least I think, so does the sentence mean like, "Lets go buy some kind of present?" or

Could it be, "lets go buy some presents?"

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明鏡国語辞典 does not explicitly explain the part of speech of this type of 何か. It just says it's a "phrase" (連語). Rather than worrying about the direct English translation of this type of 何か, I think you just can remember this pattern and go on. This pattern is translated into English in slightly different ways depending on the surrounding context, and I hesitate to conclusively say it's "some", "something", "any" or "anything" in English.

  • 何か特別なこと: something/anything special
  • 何か食べるもの: something/anything to eat
  • 何かプレゼント: some present
  • 何か棒のようなもの: something like a stick
  • 誰か強い人: someone/anyone strong
  • 誰か料理人: some/any chef
  • どこか静かな場所: some quiet place

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