Could you please help me to find an example of a ~局, ~部 and ~課 in a company?

Looking for the definition of ~部 in Jisho, it says ~部 refers to a department in a company, for example, 経理部 (accounting department), and as a little note, Jisho adds "above 課, below 局".

However, looking for ~局 and ~課 on Jisho, I can't find examples of ~局 and ~課 referring to divisions inside a company.

Then, my doubt would be the following.

1) For example, the 経理部 of a company, inside which ~局 it is?

And inside that 経理部, which several ~課 there are?

2) Or as another example, the マーケティング部 of a company, inside which ~局 it is?

And inside that マーケティング部, which several~課 there are?

As a side note, I've also consulted this post

Concrete meaning of 部 , 課 and 局

but if possible, I would like to find concrete examples of ~局, ~部 and ~課 in a company (or if not a company, in another type of organization) to illustrate these hierarchically organized divisions/subdivisions.

  • I guess it just varies from company to company. If you are just looking for examples, I doubt it's a language question. Rather it's about company organizations. Also, as far as I googled, the structure under 課 is not usually published for private companies.
    – sundowner
    May 8 at 3:14


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