I encountered it here



"---" is 800 yen, and "life counseling" costs zero yen.

I also found it here... https://hanazen-michinobechuou.eeat.jp/product/上寿し2人盛〜5人盛-※表示価格は2人盛です/

...but I have not found a dictionary entry for it. What is it, and how is it pronounced?

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It is another way to write 上寿司 (high-grade sushi), pronounced じょうずし or less commonly じょうすし. Grades can be two (並寿司, 上寿司) or three (並寿司, 上寿司, 特上寿司). Some shops may have the 松, 竹, and 梅 grades instead.

In the picture, the next item is 並寿し, which is lower grade and thus less expensive at 700 yen. Similarly, this is 並寿司 written differently.

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