I met this expression in an eroge, but find it's hard to understand. My guess is "Her toes were constricted "( ? ) but i'm not sure.


Context is a H-scene, where the protagonist

used his middle finger to fingering a girl's vagina.

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In terms of the meaning, the latter part of the sentence means she feels sexual orgasm. Cf. 足ピン

About more language side of it, 突っ張る means to stretch out. A similar usage is 顔(or 肌)が突っ張る, which means to feel stiffness on your face/skin. So つま先が突っ張る is similar to cramp.

腰をはねさせた is (a variation of) another stereotypical expression for orgasm, meaning moving up the waist instantly (I suppose it is described more standardly as 腰を浮かせる).

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