I am trying to comprehend Japanese a little better through translating songs, this is from Kirinji's "Killer Tune Kills me" and from what I understand "この胸に" would be translated to "in this chest" but then I can't make sense of the rest, from "突き刺さ" I believe it refers to something like the chest getting stabbed, but "ったなら" I can't find what it means exactly.


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突き刺さる is an intransitive verb meaning "(for a knife, stick, etc.) to penetrate/cut/stick into something". 突き刺さった is its past/perfect form (aka the "ta-form"). なら is a conjunctive particle meaning "if". See: Japanese Conditional Form なら

胸 is a word that means "chest", "breast" or "heart (in the psychological sense)" depending on the context. Here, "heart" is the natural translation.

If it stuck into my heart, ...

Of course, this doesn't mean a murder has occurred. This is a metaphorical expression that describes that you were deeply moved or struck by the killer tune.

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