Do the structures のなんのって, のなんのと and のなんのといって / のなんのと言って refer to the same and can be used interchangeably? If so, is there also any other variation of のなんのって that can be used in the same way?

A time ago, I learned that のなんのって is used to emphasize the degree of an adjective or a verb.


Source: https://nihongonosensei.net/?p=35053

However, now I've found the structures のなんのと and のなんのといって / のなんのと言って, which look like variations of のなんのって, but whereas in some sites I see them to be actually emphasizing an adjective


Source: https://www.aozora.gr.jp/cards/000019/files/42383_21527.html

in other sites they seem to have a different usage, that is, "speaking loudly, annoyingly".


Then I wonder if in reality のなんのって, のなんのと and のなんのといって / のなんのと言って are the same, and the meaning "speaking loudly, annoyingly" is just a contextual interpretation of the emphasis of an adjective or verb or these structures are not related with each other and they have different meanings and usages.



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