I'm watching a Japanese TV drama. I don't understand the meaning of"みたいなな" in this conversation :"お前らみたいなな チャラチャラウニャ~みたいのがな世の中ダメにすんだ分かったか-?"

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お前らみたいな is an adjectival phrase meaning "like you guys". The second な right after it is a filler particle meaning nothing. It's the same as the な you see before 世の中.

チャラチャラウニャ-ish people like you guys are the ones who ruin this world, you understand?

な in parentheses are fillers, and they can be dropped or replaced with よ, さ, etc. チャラチャラウニャ is an unique mimesis, but I think it probably describes frivolousness (chara) and laziness.


Mitaina みたいな means "like." The speaker is starting the sentence with "A bunch of chara-chara unya like you..." and the speaker probably repeated the な while (acting like they were) thinking about how to end the sentence but too angry to think quietly.


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