I was watching this youtube vidoe about making a dish out of an greater amberjack fish (kampachi) and the cook said this:


i think he wants to say that the greater amberjack fish spoils slower than the 鰤 fish but if that was the case should not he have said 早くない instead ? https://youtu.be/r8peOCisk94?t=420

  • I think he might have wanted to say something like 鰤ほど早く痛まないんですけど or 鰤より痛むスピードが遅いんですけど but ended up combining the sentences together in a weird way. It sounds to me like he wants to say that "カンパチ" spoils slower than "鰤" but still spoils pretty fast but I could be wrong. By the way I love Kimagure Cook. I learned a bunch of fish related vocabulary from his videos.
    – andrewb
    Mar 1 at 15:19

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I'm 99.9% sure he meant to say 鰤ほどは痛むスピードが速くないですけど. 鰤ほどは痛むスピードが遅いですけど is not grammatical (so I'm 100% he misspoke).

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