In Yakuza Judgement, a person (who allegedly committed murder) was described with the phrase "酩酊状態にあった" (they were found in a state of drunkenness). However, the official subs translate/localize this as "[he] was drunk out of his mind". So I was wondering, what level of inebriation does 酩酊 (meitei) imply? Is it just plain "drunk", or something stronger, like "shit-faced" or "piss-drunk"?

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It means usually very drunk, the state of being still conscious and barely able to walk.

There are technical definitions by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare:

酩酊初期(血中アルコール濃度110~150mg/dl) 症状:気が大きくなる、立てばふらつく

酩酊極期(血中アルコール濃度160~300mg/dl) 症状:何度も同じことをしゃべる、千鳥足

血中アルコール濃度 should be BAC, but not sure if they are exactly the same thing.

Not that people use 酩酊 according to the technical definition, but generally it is understood as 'very drunk but not alarmingly so*.

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