Hello I am learning Japanese right now and was wondering what the difference between these two sentences is (or if the latter is even correct?)



I was doing a quiz and the question was what does it mean to say "Please drink water" and I thought the second answer might have also been correct? Thanks in advance I hope you can understand my question!!

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    「飲むする」 is not grammatical.
    – istrasci
    Commented Feb 10, 2023 at 7:33

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You can never use "verb + する" in any situation.

飲むする, 買うする, 学ぶする, 死ぬする, 壊すする.
They're all incorrect.

You can say "熟語 + する" like 購入する, 学習する, 死亡する, 破壊する instead; though 飲む doesn't have a common 熟語, so you can't use this way.


Only the first sentence is correct. 飲む is already a verb, and it can directly connect to ように. 水を飲むする is an invalid combination of two verbs, almost like "drink do water".

(If you know suru-verbs like 勉強する, the kanji part is not a verb on its own, so する is necessary to make it act as a verb.)

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